1,576Number of Students

Brighton is increasing by the year and by 2020 we look to become a 2000 students strong school

4Streams for Class XI

We offer 1) Maths 2) Biology 3) Humanities 4) Commerce streams to Class XI - XII students to choose

215Staff Strength

Brighton family is 200+ employees strong to take care of its students

Be a part of movement called Brighton

Brighton is very particular about the students it admits, the child has to go through a screening procedure to be a Brightonite. The admission follows a two-stage process
  • A written Test
  • Confirmation after the submission of the fee
The fee in detail has been mentioned on our website on the admissions, kindly click Fee Structure
Each year, the School admits students across grades, the seats available depends on the seats vacant across the grades. The process of admission for the upcoming academic session begins in October of the ongoing session.
The Admin and the Admission team is available at Brighton on all the weekdays (Mon-Sat) from 10:00 - 17:00 Hrs. To get in touch you can do the following;
  • Call Mr Sanjeev Singh: +91 94255 08894 or Mrs Prerna Deshpande: +91 99934 66111
  • Visit the School Campus, located at Nardaha, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
  • Email at info@brightoninternational.in
For Class XI At present Brighton is offering the following;
  • Group I - Maths - Maths, Physics, Chemistry - (minimum CGPA is ClassX: 7)
  • Group II - Biology - Biology, Physics, Chemistry - (minimum CGPA is ClassX: 8)
  • Group III- Commerce - Accounts, Economics, Business Studies - (minimum CGPA is ClassX: 6)
  • Group IV - Humanities - Geography, Economics, Political Science - (minimum CGPA is ClassX: 6)
English is an essential as fourth subject and students can choose between Information Technology, Legal Studies & Physical Education as their fifth subject.
* UIADAI AADHAR though not compulsory, though it is advisable to the parents to bring it along.
CODE OF CONDUCT At Brighton International School, the code of conduct governs the conduct, rules, behaviour and discipline of the pupil, teachers and all those involved. Adherence to the code is paramount and the custodian to safe keep the integrity of the code is the school ‘code of conduct’ committee. Ignorance of school code, violation of the school rules or disciplinary guidelines will not be accepted and will invite consequences as deemed fit by relevant authorities. For detailed policy, kindly visit Brighton's Code of Conduct Policy

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