As the old adage goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a LIFETIME". In this modern day living, the tall order we are faced with are; "How can we make our students, our children more self sufficient?"

The key lies in not holding them close but letting them go away, the answer lies in expanding their horizon through their own wisdom rather through your own experiences, the trick lies in making them discover the joys or life rather than giving them them something don't even know about.

All and such more elements make a child's personality and shape them as leaders and citizens of tomorrow.

Brighton Wings in a n innovative 7 days Residential Program at Brighton International School. Brighton Wings is going to be held in the first week of May 2018, where a team of experts will work with children on the following aspects;

Holistic Development of Child.
Mental - Emotional-Physical-social- Spiritual development
  • 1) Enhancing self Esteem
  • 2) Bouncing Back in LIFE
  • 3) Understanding relations
  • 4) Team Work
  • 5) Crisis management
  • 6) Essentials of Leaders - Past - Present - Future
  • 7) Power of Good Habits ( Sanskar)
  • 8) Cultural Values
  • 9) Creating Self Awareness
  • 10) Study Techniques - Memory & learning techniques
  • 11) Anger & Stress Management
  • 12) Uniqueness,Blessings
  • 13) Respecting - Self Opportunities
  • 14 Baje of Time ( Time Management)
SEVEN FANTASTIC Days of 1) Out bound training 2) Activity based learning 3) Group Discussion 4) Drama & Theatre 6) Learning through demonstration 7) Role plays 8) Presentation with special focus on Yoga & Meditation

Know more about the Program

This year Brighton Wings is only looking to accommodate Boys, the Program is scheduled in the first week of May from 5 - 11 May 2018. The Program is 7 Days long.
1) Mr. Nitin Shrivastav- Chief Mentor 2) Dr Vivek Bhartiya & Team - Yoga , Fitness, & Nutrition 3) Mr. Prince Grover : Out Bound Training & motivational Speaker 4) Mr. Parag Dahiwale- Memory & Learning techniques, Meditation
For 2018, The Camp is being offered at a fantastic price of Rs 12,450 (all inclusive)
The entire Program is going to be conducted at the premises of Brighton International School, Raipur.

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