Boys’ Hostel at Brighton

The Boys’ Hostel admissions at Brighton is one of the most sought after. The entire curriculum for resident students is designed to optimise learning across platforms. The air-cooled hostel can easily accomodate 80 students across 12 large rooms. The 3 storey structure also houses 1 teacher/hostel warden per floor family accommodation bringing together safety and homeliness.

A lot of emphasis is given to a well regulated schedule along with discipline. The life of the hosteller is designed to help him achieve the best in sports, cultural and academics.
Here is a list of activities which students observe at the Brighton’s hostel.

Kindly Note

Hostel is meant only for Boys students

Admission is only open for students of Class IV and above

The Hostel Fee is as follows;

For Students of Class IV – Class V – Rs 95,000
For Students of Class VI & Above – Rs 1,00,000

This is only the Hostel Fee, rest of the fee like Admission Fee for New admissions, School Fee and Activity Fee will be as per the current fee structure. For details of the other fee click here