Grounds of Rejection by the CBSE Board after or Before Inspection – Deficiency / Scrutiny / Rejection

This post will help the readers understand the various stages a school has to go through while applying for CBSE affiliation. This will also try to address issues to do with grounds of rejection. Some of them could be avoidable by paying attention to the documentation.

Stage 1
After application while CBSE goes through all the documents submitted and the information provided the status of the application will read – Online Application and fee for the registration Number XXXXXXXXXXXXX Has been provisionally accepted Subject to scrutiny of the same and uploaded mandatory document as Affiliation Bye-Laws of CBSE.

If this is what you are reading for your application, don’t bother. CBSE takes about 4-6 months to constitute an inspection team. The inspection team comprises of a principal from a Kendriya Vidyalaya or a CBSE affiliated government school and a principal from a Private (unaided) or aided school. Inspection mostly happen in the month of Nov-Dec-Jan.

Stage 2- Stage 5
As I write this post, to get a school inspected from CBSE (for an approval of Secondary School) costs about Rs 75,000, in addition to this one also has to make a security deposit Reserve Fund of Rs 60,000 (minimum). Lot of schools have come in touch with me seeking resolution/ solution/ way out from the situation they find themselves while going through the process of affiliation. I am putting down actual case studies of such schools (masking the names and addresses of such schools). These is indeed will be series of things we must avoid before applying for CBSE affiliation.

A lot of schools since they are too eager to get CBSE affiliation and do not pay attention to their application and related documents face issues when they apply for CBSE affiliation.
The problems happen at three stages

Stage 1: Deficiency at Pre Inspection post application
The status of the application reads “deficiency”. This could be the biggest issue and if not dealt properly could result into loss of one complete  Academic session. For new schools this could incur heavy losses.  There are couple of things one has to pay attention –

1. Land Document: It has to be produced as is. Do not get it printed on a stamp paper, do not try to manufacture your own statements while declaring the information, get it signed from the designated authority as mentioned in the bye laws.

2. Number of Teachers and their Qualification: While filling the online form, one has to be sure that there are required number of teachers and QUALIFIED as per the CBSE Norms. A lot of deficiency is due to this. Have a look at the classes and the Staff’s qualification. Read the Bye Laws for more direction about teacher’s qualification.

3. Affiliation Letter from the State Board or Books in the library etc

Stage 2: IC CONSTITUTED WITH DEFICIENCY after submission of application and before the inspection
If the Stage 1 has problems that can’t be sorted your application will be rejected, but if they are kind of redeemable or can be corrected, this is the status update you will have on your application. You will get a detailed letter from the CBSE about the inspection committee and you will also be asked to respond on a few queries. This is manageable.

Stage 3: Deficiency after I/C Post inspection before the letter of Provisional affiliation
After Inspection
The status on online application updated as “Deficiency after I/C” or Deficiency after Inspection or Deficiency after IC and on click it shows “letter coming soon’. What does it actually mean?

You don’t have to worry much you will get affiliation. You will be asked to give a few undertakings and proof later on that you have followed this up later on. They could be number of books in the library, appointment of some staff members etc

I hope this will help you all. Thanks for reading.

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