How to Start / take a Franchise for Delhi Public School DPS, Mayo College Ajmer, Vibgyor, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Brighton International School, City Montessori (CMS) andf others

I have already written an article about whether to take a Franchise or not in my blog post here. Though what is beyond argument is the traction one enjoys as a new school given the pull of the brand. So here is a blog post which will try to help all those looking to start a Franchise School like DPS, Mayo College Ajmer, Shamrock, EDdify School, Vibgyor, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Brighton International School, Mount Litera, City Montessori (CMS) and others. Here I am writing about two brands Brighton & DPS, shall keep updating the info about others as we go along.

This blog is being written in the month of Feb 2015, so in case if you are reading much beyond it, kindly check the data once more before making a note of it. Let us try to name all the major options available in India and look at the ways to approach these brands;


Brighton International School

Brighton International School
Brighton International School is an upcoming brand in the field of School Education. Their first school started in Raipur in the year 2010 and since than the school has had a tremendous success in their home town Raipur.

    1. Allow FRANCHISEE to use the name Brighton International School.
    2. Allow FRANCHISEE to use the logo of Brighton International School for the period of the agreement.
    3. Brighton will provide the following to the FRANCHISEE
  1. Consultation on Infrastructure requirement and related guidance to start a CBSE School.
  2. Consultation regarding Affiliation (State Board and CBSE Affiliation). Though the role of BRIGHTON will be limited to providing consultation and in no way would be held responsible if FRANCHISEE fails to secure CBSE affiliation for their respective school
  • Pedagogy, Methodologies and Educational practices currently used by BRIGHTON at Brighton International School, Raipur
  1. Consultation on Record keeping and administrative practices required to run school on a day to day basis
  2. One time Website Development of the school (Hosting and domain charges to be paid by the FRANCHISEE)
  3. Students’ Conveyance facility consultancy and roadmap
    1. BRIGHTON will allow and help FRANCHISEE with all the related promotional material and stationery which would include Prospectus, Promotional Pamphlets, Forms and print-ables to do with academic and non academic functions. FRANCHISEE will be allowed to proprietary images owned by BRIGHTON to use it to promote their school.
    2. BRIGHTON will conduct training for teachers and administrators of FRANCHISEE school on a regular basis.  This training will be held once every year for the period of agreement.

Those interested can click on this link and submit their details.


From the DPS website “From the beginning in the President’s Estate in 1941 as Church High School to Naveen Bharat School in 1947 and finally in 1949 at its present location on Mathura Road, DPS has traversed a long journey. The birth of a new nation in 1947 was in a way the beginning of DPS (called Naveen Bharat then), a momentous time in the history of our nation, when a beginning was made to fulfil a social, national need. DPS Mathura Road was the only school till DPS R.K.Puram came into being in 1972. Over 200 schools that followed are simple assertions of the strength that is DPS. Yet what has remained unchanged is the zest and spirit to achieve and to excel. Thus the DPS family is a living testimony to one of the oldest institutions in India -the joint family system .Educational programmes evolve from the felt needs, incorporating contextual issues and challenges. Activities and events related to value education, environment, health education, games and sports, visual and performing arts, culture and heritage, international experience sharing, personality development etc. are effectively woven into the main fabric of school curriculum.”Here is the current list of schools under the DPS bannerHow to go about taking / starting a DPS FranchiseInitially there was a lot of controversy between DPS Society and DPS Trust. Now it is very clear that SOCIETY is the one who is thr rightful owner of the Brand DPS. So one has to approach society to gain an access to the DPS franchise. Here is a link explaining the orders by the court and here is the Court Oder. As of Feb 2015 as per the website, they have 183 branches across India.So now when we are clear DPS society is the rightful owner of the brand DPS, one can approach their office at

The Delhi Public School Society
F-Block, East of Kailash
New Delhi 110065, India

There is a complete process outlined before a franchise is given for a city. Here is a list taken from a few websites

1. Finance required
2. Selection of a site
3. Approval of site
4. Sign MoU
5. School Infrastructure
7. Franchisee agreement
8. Pre- launch preparation and plans
9. Post-launch preparation and plans
10. Royalty

Costs, fees, and profit or return of investment
There are three types of DPS franchise which depends on the investment and land available, Pre School, primary school and high school.
Some of the websites state that apart from that about Rs. 8-10 lakhs is the initial investment beside the construction cost of the school. So if we calculate total investment including land, construction and other charges about Rs. 35- 40 lakhs will be the minimum investment to start the franchise of Delhi Public School. This is not verified, I am stating it from this link

Here is some News you should read before approaching DPS.

1) Private school barred from using DPS logo

2) Member demands administrator for DPS Society

3) Delhi Public School Society faces allegations of fraud

4) School fined Rs.10 lakh for using Delhi Public School logo, name

5) Are Delhi Public Schools generating black money?

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