Refund of Fee – CBSE Affiliation Fee for School

A lot of Schools due to some issues find themselves in a quandary over affiliation related documentation and application, thus losing out.

I had a chat with one school from Bengal where someone took the money from school (affiliation Fee Rs 75,000 plus Rs 50,000 as the facilitation fee for himself ). The school had inadequate infrastructure including the land with the school, thus the application was rejected. The so called ‘Facilitator’ applied and gave them the Application Number and by the time school realised, he vanished from the scene. So the school thought that paying the facilitator Rs 50,000 will solve their problems / limitations whereas the other one conned the school by applying for them legally but making cool Rs 50,000.

How to avoid such cases.

To begin with the schools should read the bye laws properly to save themselves from such issues. Now in order refund the money now CBSE has amended the rules where the Board only gives back 50% of the total application fee.

Follwing is the affiliation Fee (2017-18)

A. Affiliation Fee in respect of Independent Schools

  • Approval of middle class syllabus:Independent schools within the country – Rs.25,000/-
  • Independent Schools – Rs.40,000/-

B. Fresh Provisional Affiliation for Secondary Classes (Class X)

  • Independent schools within the country – Rs.75,000/- or Rs.50,000/- (If already affiliated upto Middle Class)
  • Overseas Independent SchoolsRs.1,25,000/- or Rs.75,000/- (If already affiliated upto Middle Class)

C. Upgradation Senior Secondary level

  • Independent schools within the country- Rs.50,000/-
    • Rs.1,25,000/- (If switch over from other Board)
  • Overseas Independent Schools – Rs.75,000/-
    • Rs.2,00,000/- (If switch over from other Board))
  • Introduction of additional subject
  • Independent schools within the country (Science Subject) – Rs 5,000/- per subject
  • Independent schools within the country (Other Subject) – Rs 3,000/- per subject
  • Overseas Independent Schools (Science Subject)- Rs. 15,000/- per subject
  • Overseas Independent Schools (Other Subject)- Rs. 10,000/- per subject

D. Extension of Provisional Affiliation

  • Independent schools within the country – Rs 25,000/-
  • Overseas Independent SchoolsRs 60,000/-
  • Late FeeRs.10,000/- (Rs. Ten Thousand Only) per month

So now whatever you have applied for there has always been a provision of getting a refund on the school’s application money / affiliation money / affiliation due / affiliation charges, earlier it was 10% deduction which has now been raised to 50% 

CBSE Refund of affiliation Fee

Here is the circular mentioning the same by the CBSE


A word of caution from my side

  • Dont fall for touts
  • The application process can be started by January itself and the info can be modified till the date of Final submission i.e 30 June, so take your time in checking and filling up the details
  • Dont apply if you do not have adequate infrastructure, rules are very strict

I hope you will find the above information useful.

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