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Brighton International School, an idea whose time has come

The Business of Education today needs a lot of teaching to get into. Not only should one be Visionary but also an immaculate planner and meticulous executioner. School as an establishment is a very capital-intensive investment; the break even can take as long as 8 – 10 years. Once established well in the initial years, the institution can create value beyond imagination where a promoter can earn a name socially and financially. Brighton International School with its expertise in academics and sound knowledge of how an educational institution should operate can do wonders to a new Greenfield project. • Brighton International School shall help you provide the Curriculum, the Brand, Marketing Support, School Operating Procedures and complete handholding consultancy to run the school from inception, admission to affiliation.

Franchisee Inquiry Form

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

To understand your requirement so that we can assist you the best, please fill in this inquiry form so that we are aware of your needs to the core. The information provided by you will be held in the strictest confidence. Brighton International School is aware that the information sought is personal and is related to the academics. If you do not wish to answer a specific question, please leave it as is blank. The overall idea behind this questionnaire is to understand some of the key academic challenges in the region where the school will be located. The submission of this form does not constitute an agreement to start the school by either party and is not an assessment of your compatibility /competency to start the school. This shall be considered more of an exercise to know about various aspects of institution building in your area.

Please give us a brief background of the information so that we are able to customize a proposal to match the requirements of your city and help you make the school a success.

Section A: Let us know you: Fact Sheet

1. Name of the applicant/ society/ trust:(Give the details of individual if not registered) (required)

2. Type and Status of the firm (including registration details)

3. Address (required)

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5. Contact Number (required)

6. Present area(s) of operation

Professional details of the individuals to be associated with the proposed project:

Section B: Tell us about your city. Geography is important!

7. Name of the city where you propose to start the institution

8. Population of the city

Please provide the following information to assess the educational institution of your city:

9. Details of the Top 5 Pre-Schools in your city:

10. Details of the Top 5 Regular Schools in your city:

Section C: Why are you looking to open a School

11. Why do you think your city needs another school

12. What are the motivations of choosing Brighton International School as a partner

13. Other than promoter what role you see for yourself in your school: ADMINISTRATIVE & MANAGEMENT.

14. What is the kind of investment you are looking to make. A school will require an investment of more than 2 crore rupees other than the cost of land. How are you planning to raise funds?