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Brighton Sports Camp, May 2024

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Camp Details

As a parent, you’re probably already concerned about how your child will spend those warm months off from school as summer is quickly approaching. In order to maintain their physical and mental well-being, we advise you to think about signing them up for Brighton Summer Sports Camp. Children will have a summer to remember where they will discover new ways to improve their health, ignite their passions, all while having a ton of fun. All of this is managed expertly by Brighton’s top sports coaches. The School is going to help students with conveyance facility.

Age criteria (Boys & Girls)

Cricket – 5 years to 19 years

Football – 14 years to 19 years

Basketball – 10 years to 19 years

Date & Time

1st May to 31st May

Morning shift – 6:30 am to 8:30 am


Sanjeev Prasad, Mentor, Former Ranji Trophy Player & BCCI/NCA Level I certified coach and qualified for BCCI/NCA Level II

Ms. Pooja Dhusiya, Coach, Former CSCS player and CSCS Panel Umpire

Ms. Kajal Meshram, Coach, Former CSCS player and BCCI Level 1 Coach

Madhur Deshpande.(Coach, D & E certificate holder, AIFF, Junior Asst. Coach, DFA Raipur

Mr. Sunil Nayak Coach, NIS certified from NSNIS, Patiala, Asst. Coach RDBA, National Player(Gold Medalist), SGFI Referee

Camp Fee

Cricket – Rs 3,000

Football – Rs 2,500

Basketball – Rs 2,500

Queries# Call or Whatsapp Mr Sanjeev Prasad Sir – +919827884519

Conveyance (Bus) Fee

0-6 Kms – Rs 2,000

6-10 Kms – Rs 2,500

10 Kms+ – Rs 3,000


Enrolment Form

    Terms & Conditions

    • Registration: Each child must be registered onto the camp on or before the first day. Please arrive 15 minutes early on the first day with the registration money. Registration Fee has to be paid in advance for the entire 30 days.
    • Refund Policy: Our camps are non-refundable even if the child has attended one day of the camp
    • As we do not have spectator facilities, if the children are indoors or outdoors, parents and/or guardian are
      encouraged to leave children during camp times. Subject to relevant safety precautions, you can stay
      a short period on the first day until activities have started.
    • Please provide the child in your care with a packed lunch with a minimum of 1 drink. All participants
      will also be given a reusable water bottle which can be refilled from our water machine.
    • Please ensure the child in your care is wearing appropriate clothing for exercise. Children will also need a sun hat and sun cream for outdoors.  We also advise to write your child’s name on all clothing and equipment.
    • Participants’ personal belongings are their own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to our negligence. Expensive or treasured items such as jewellery, mobile telephones, designer clothes or shoes should not be brought to Summer Camp. Camp or the school will not take any responsibility of stolen, misplaced or lost items
    • Our camps promote active fun in a safe environment. Any child causing disruption to the camp or
      spoiling the enjoyment of others will be removed from the camp. If this unfortunate event should
      happen, parents and/or guardians will be contacted to collect their child.
    • Repetitive bad behaviour can result into expulsion, no money will be refunded in the case of expulsion
    • Staff at the facility are fully qualified first aiders. If you have listed any medical conditions on the
      application form please ensure that you inform staff at registration. If your child has any medication
      (asthma pump etc) please ensure they have it with them and their name on it. If your child has been
      unwell on the day of the camp please let staff know at registration.
    • We will be taking photographs of participants on the camp. These will only be used on our social media
      platforms. We always endeavour to use any such photographs, films or comments in a responsible way but if you do not agree to such use we must be informed in writing at the time of booking.
    • The organisers of the camp reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions, and any rules, at any time, to reflect changes in connection with the management and operation of the summer camp
    • If there is a change in the personal details, you have provided to us, you must inform us and ensure
      that all contact details provided are current and accurate.
    • Dangerous or noxious article or substance must not be brought into the facility
    • Individual rules apply for all individual facilities for the health and safety of all users and
      staff. These must be adhered to at all times.
    • We hope and expect to be able to provide you with all the services we have confirmed to you. However, given the nature of the summer camp, you and each Participant are expected to be flexible and accommodate the possibility of alternative arrangements having to be made, even at the last minute and without prior notice. Please note that any published outline itineraries are a guide only, do not form a contractual obligation on us and may be subject to change.