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Brighton Lecture Series

Brighton Lecture Series is conducted at the Brighton Auditorium from time to time for Secondary and Higher Secondary students. The talk features professionals from different walks of life who interact with young Brightonites taking them through their life journey along with giving them valuable insights into selection of career as well as helping them develop awareness about different careers. The talk till now has featured guests from a wide gamut of professions and Brightonites look forward to enriching conversations and are always curios   to ask questions about their personal growth.

About Brighton Lecture Series

BLS Brighton Lecture Series

BLS or Brighton Lecture Series is conducted periodically at the school auditorium and features varied professionals from all walks of life. The guests are requested to share their life, motivations and details about choices they ade while selecting their careers. Brighton Lecture Series meant for senior students showcases unique personalities through the year, they inspire the young adults by sharing their life journey with them

Guests at #BLS

September 2, 20230
Ms. Aishwarya Diwan – Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate
August 19, 20230
Dr. Aradhana Singh- Veterinarian
August 17, 20230
Mr. Rohit Sharma- Advocate
July 22, 20230
Dr. Uma Chintal – Physiotherapist
July 12, 20230