Career Fair

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The Brighton Career Fair

Every year, Brighton International School organises Career Fair to involve colleges, universities & career counsellors to help students and parents to discover and understand what’s out there.

About Brighton Career Fair

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you for the Brighton’s Career Fair. The idea here is to make our students of Higher Secondary Section gather information about the possibilities after their Class XII. It’s an attempt from our side to make students aware about trends in various sector and also help them understand the dynamics of the job market in the future. The career fair aims at bringing different universities as well as learned people on a common platform for exchange of views to enlighten our students.

The interaction with the students and their parents (who will be invited for the event), will be in the form of a moderator led panel discussion about trends in higher education. The seminar will provide the liberty for an open house with free exchange of ideas and resolution to queries. Brighton International School will also provide a table and two chairs for every incoming university in the assembly area for parents and students to gather more information about the universities present for the seminar. The universities can come with any kind of promotion material or stall infrastructure which they deem fit for their benefit.

Highlight from the Brighton Career Fair

Simple idea is to to help  students develop a Career Roadmap and make them aware of the world of possibilities out there

Venue: Brighton International School, Village: Nardaha, Raipur (C.G)

Block the Date - 3 October 2023

This year the Career fair will be organised on the 3rd October 2023, Tuesday

Information for the participating colleges & universities

  1. There is no participation fee for colleges / universities 
  2. Each college / university will get a table and two chairs to put up their stall/ kiosk
  3. The colleges / universities  can distribute their promotion material and display their marketing material in the campus
  4. No representative will get a chance to speak to students during the seminar from the stage 
  5. Only chosen speakers by the school management will be allowed to speak 
  6. All the expenses for the travel etc will have to be borne by the concerned parties
  7. Confirmed invitations will be sent to the chosen colleges / universities only after they submit the participation form
  8. Anything beyond the above mentioned will have to be vetted by the school management
  9. Colleges / Universities/ Speakers can reach out to Mrs Reena Shukla on for any clarification

How To Participate?

We invite all colleges and universities to come and participate. In the past following universities have participated