Business Administration (HSBA)

An early academic start in business school can be helpful for you to have a head start if you wish to run a large firm later or launch your own venture.

If combined with the appropriate education, a career in business may be extremely fulfilling and open up a world of opportunities. Degrees like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) have proved to be a magnet of students in the last few decades. Higher Secondary Business Administration can prepare you well for a bright future in business.   

At Brighton International School we have a fabulous team of teachers who have produced exemplary results over a period of time. Our students have done phenomenally well in Class XII at CBSE producing 100% results year on year.  A student can take up HSBA stream by taking the following combination

  • Englishcompulsory
  • Business Studies / Business Administrationchoose one
  • Accountancy / Financial Markets Managementchoose one
  • Entrepreneurship / Economics / PsychologyChoose one as fourth subject
  • Physical Education / Informatics Practices / Legal Studies / Applied Maths / MarketingChoose one as fifth subject
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is HSBA?

HSBA stands for Higher Secondary Business Administration; a course developed by CBSE to enhance critical thinking, innovativeness and practical skills among the students of class XI & XII. It is a foundational course for students aspiring to go for BBA & MBA. The classes would include interactive teaching/discussions, and presentations, practical projects, industry visits, industry expert lectures, and design thinking (start up ideas).

What are the options available for students after class X? (Here we write about number of subjects offered by CBSE)

Brighton International School is offering four streams for students after completion of class X. They are – SCIENCE, COMMERCE, HSBA & HUMANITIES. Each stream will have five (5) subjects to be taken by a student.

What is the scheme of exams offered by the CBSE?

Students have to appear at theoretical examinations, as well as practical examination/internal assessment tests. Weightage (marks) varies with respect to different subjects. A student in Class XI can choose options as provided by the school in terms of 4th or 5th subject.  

What are the career options available for a student after taking the HSBA stream?

BBA & MBA. Career options available include entrepreneurship, digital marketing, financial analyst, investment banking, sales executive, HR manager, advertisement professional, data analyst, event management, operation management, etc. to name a few.

Is it equivalent to a regular senior secondary course (Class 11th & 12th)?

YES. It is a regular Higher Secondary (Class XI & XII) course under CBSE.

Is it a skills based course?

It is a regular (skill development) course under CBSE, just like Maths stream, Biology stream, Humanities stream, Commerce stream. This is just another  bunch of subjects from the Commerce stream aiming to sharpen the business acumen of students.

Can I take CUET (The Common University Entrance Test) after taking the HSBA stream?

YES, a student can apply for CUET after passing class XII with HSBA.

What is the best option for me after passing out of the HSBA stream for my higher studies?

A student can opt for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) as an option for their graduate degree after HSBA stream.

Can I apply for B.Com after taking the HSBA stream?

YES, a student can apply for B.Com after completing class XII with HSBA.

What led Brighton International School to design a course like HSBA?

Brighton International School believes in proving a contemporary pedagogy, curriculum and state of the art infrastructure to students. At Brighton we evolve with demands of the situation. We believe that India  would need more business leaders as we motor along on the path of prosperity. 

What is there under the Subject - ‘Marketing’?

Fundamentals of sales and marketing, Marketing Mix, Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing & Digital Marketing. The input of basic fundamentals, coupled with the practical knowledge will be given to the students to help them in understanding contemporary marketing tactics and strategies.

What is there under the Subject - ‘Business Administration’?

Fundamentals of business operations/management, understanding of the business environment, social responsibility of business, use of Information Technology in business, etc. The objective of the subject – ‘Business Administration’ is not merely to provide basic understanding of various principles, procedures and practices related to business, but also to satisfy the skill and employability needs of the students.

What is there under the Subject - ‘Entrepreneurship’?

Concept & functions of entrepreneurship, innovativeness and problem solving approach, types of entrepreneurs, resource mobilization by entrepreneurs, growth oriented strategic thinking, understanding of business arithmetic, etc. Entrepreneurship plays an influential role in the economic growth and development of the country. As the world economy is changing so is the dynamism of the business world. The aim of this course is to instill and inspire the spirit of ‘Entrepreneurship’ amongst the students. The idea of this course is to create “job providers rather than job seekers”.

What is there under the Subject - ‘Financial Market Management’?

Fundamentals of investment, capital market structure and functioning in India, mutual fund analysis and calculations, taxation and regulations, financial statement analysis, etc. A candidate on completion of FMM and on attaining the age of employment will be a preferred candidate (compared to general market candidates without any specific skills) in the job roles of back office executive, equity dealer, relationship executive, mutual fund executive, sales executive for selling financial services etc. in banks, broking firms, KPOs, asset management companies etc

Why should a student take up HSBA? How does it score over the traditional ‘Commerce’ stream?

Traditional commerce stream will provide opportunities in specific fields of study and career (job prospects). Comparatively, due to the diverse nature of curriculum and practical oriented study methodologies, HSBA (BBA/MBA) will provide greater opportunities and career options to the students.

What is the curriculum and pedagogy offered at Brighton International School?

Brighton is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and strictly follows the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and the prevailing Education Policy by the government. But within all these parameters, Brighton has developed a unique curriculum which is known all over the city as one that not only brings rigour to academics but also shapes a student’s personality.

Brighton International School follows the New Education Policy in letter and spirit with programs for socio-emotional well being, innovative pedagogy, experienced faculty and a very modern approach to school education.

What about teachers at Brighton International School?

Teachers at Brighton International School are well experienced, empathetic, professional, passionate and have adaptability with respect to a variety of students.

Can I see a question paper administered by CBSE for Class XII for the academic year 2023-24?

Yes, you can kindly search for the same on the web. A lot of material is freely available. 

What is the unique Selling Proposition (USP) of HSBA stream offered by Brighton International School?

Interactive and participative lectures, practical projects, presentations, development of critical thinking through real life case studies and market analysis, industrial visits, industry expert lecture sessions, etc.

Can I do B.A after taking the HSBA stream?

YES, a student can go for B.A after completing class XII with HSBA.

Can I become a Chartered Accountant after taking the HSBA stream?

YES, technically a student can go through all the processes required to become a CA after completing class XII with HSBA.

What are the other management related courses or degrees apart from BBA available after Class-XII from the HSBA stream?

Many options are available. Please refer to this link – for the details.

Can I become an engineer after completing Class XII from the HSBA stream?

Yes, you can pursue engineering after completing class XII with HSBA. A Diploma in Engineering or a BCA undergraduate degree are two of your best options. However, you can’t go for any B.E. or B.Tech courses

Can I go for civil services in future after completing Class XII from the HSBA stream?

Of course, YOU CAN.

Can I go for other government examinations like railway, banking etc. in future after completing Class XII from the HSBA stream?

YES, you can apply for any exam post your graduation or whatever the requirement for the employment opportunity is. 

Can I go for IPMAT after completing Class XII from the HSBA stream?

YES, you can. IPMAT (IPM Aptitude Test) is the entrance exam for admission to IIM Indore 5-year Integrated BBA + MBA Program in Management. You need at least 60% in your 10th and 12th grades, or 55% if you are from the SC/ST/PwD category.

Can I opt for management courses or degrees available abroad after completing Class XII from the HSBA stream?

YES, depending on your performance/minimum required mark & entrance.

Can I get the complete list of all the possible courses and degrees to opt for in graduation and post graduation after completing Class XII from HSBA stream?

Looking for admission, kindly send us your details to start a dialogue