Do you have a passion for mathematics? Do you find logic, arithmetic, and problem-solving enjoyable? You’re in luck if so! A career in mathematics provides a wealth of flexibility and opportunity.

There are several employment opportunities in the math stream to consider after your 12th grade, ranging from becoming an Engineer by cracking IIT JEE Entrance exam,  statistician to working in finance sector.

At Brighton International School we have a fabulous team of teachers who have produced exemplary results over a period of time. Our students have done phenomenally well in Class XII at CBSE producing 100% results year on year.  A student can study Maths by taking the following combination

  • Englishcompulsory
  • Mathematicscompulsory
  • Physicscompulsory
  • Chemistrycompulsory
  • Physical Education / Information Practice / PsychologyChoose one as fifth subject

A few career options for a Maths Student are as follows,

Numerous job options in a variety of fields can be unlocked by studying mathematics in class eleven. Those who have completed mathematics coursework at the Class 11 level may choose to follow the following common professional paths:

  • Engineering: The core subjects of mathematics are related to engineering, including computer, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and civil engineering.
  • Actuarial Science: Actuaries evaluate risk in the consulting, finance, and insurance sectors using statistical and mathematical techniques.
  • Data Science: To evaluate and interpret large, complex data sets and make informed business decisions, data scientists employ statistical and mathematical techniques.
  • Computer Science: The study of mathematics is fundamental to computer science, particularly in fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cryptography, and algorithms.
  • Finance: For jobs like risk management, mathematics is essential.
  • Teaching and Academics: Possessing a good mathematical background can help one pursue a profession as a high school or college math teacher or as a math researcher.
  • Operations Research: In a variety of industries, operations researchers apply mathematical methods to streamline workflows and improve decision-making.
  • Economics: Data analysis, model building, and comprehension of economic theories all benefit from mathematical proficiency.
  • Statistics: In a variety of industries, including government, healthcare, and research, statisticians gather, examine, and interpret data using mathematical methods.
  • Architecture: For tasks like structural design, measurements, and computations, mathematics is crucial.

This list is not exhaustive but can act as guide for a student looking to take up maths as a stream in Class XI & XII.

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