Dr. Beena Gidwani-An Associate Professor


During a career session in the pharmaceutical department, associate professor Dr. Beena Gidwani motivates students.

An insightful career session for students was recently arranged by the highly regarded faculty member in the pharmaceutical department, Associate Professor Dr. Beena Gidwani. Renowned for her knowledge in the field, Dr. Gidwani gave insightful advice to students on how to successfully navigate their career pathways.
Pupils could participate in interactive conversations, pose questions, and get tailored guidance from Dr. Gidwani according to their goals and passions. Her real-world experiences and helpful counsel struck a chord with the students, encouraging them to pursue their career objectives with dedication and bravery.

Overall, Dr. Beena Gidwani’s career session was an immense success, giving students the inspiration and insightful knowledge they needed to start their