Mr. Kahna Khatri- Software Engineer

Kanha Khatri has graduated from NIT Uttarakhand with a bachelor’s degree specializing in computer science and engineering in 2022. He is currently working as a Software Engineer at Atlassian, an Australian-based tech company developing work collaboration software for tech teams. He is currently working on the lead product of the company named Jira which is used by all the major tech companies and is even deployed on the Mars Rover developed by NASA currently roaming the surface of Mars. It was an interactive session, Students expressed gratitude for the valuable insights provided by the engineer, noting the clarity and depth with which their questions were addressed. They appreciated his patience and willingness to engage with each query, ensuring that every student left with a clear understanding of the topics discussed. Many remarked on the practicality of the advice given, emphasizing its relevance to their future careers in software engineering.