Mr. Prashant Kawishwar- Scientist

R Prashant Kawishwar is scientist in ccost 15 Years in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS Specialties: Geoinformatics and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing .



In a stimulating session at the Brighton Lecture Series (BLS), esteemed scientist Prashant Kawishwar shared his expertise with eager students from classes 9th and 10th. Held in the auditorium of Brighton High School, the event aimed to kindle curiosity and inspire young minds in the realms of science and technology. Students actively participated in the interactive session, posing insightful questions and enthusiastically absorbing the knowledge imparted by Dr. Kawishwar. His ability to simplify complex concepts and relate them to real-world applications resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impression on their minds.

The BLS lecture, enriched by Dr. Kawishwar’s expertise, not only expanded the horizons of the students but also instilled a sense of wonder and curiosity about the mysteries of science. As the session concluded, students departed with newfound inspiration and a renewed enthusiasm for exploring the fascinating world of scientific inquiry.