Mr. V.C Pandey-G.T. Instructor IAF

Mr. Vikash Chandra played a vital role as a Ground Training Instructor in the Indian Air Force (IAF), where he trained new recruits and experienced personnel in weapon handling, physical fitness, and drill exercises. His dedication and expertise helped thousands of recruits become skilled members of the armed forces.

His efforts didn’t go unnoticed; he received recognition from top officials like the Vice Chief of Air Force and Defense for his exceptional service and commitment to training.

Recently, another G.T. Instructor from the IAF, Mr. Pandey, was featured in Brighton for a career awareness session on the Armed Forces. The session aimed to guide students from classes X and XII on opportunities in the Indian Armed Forces. Mr. Vikash Chandra’s involvement in such initiatives reflects his ongoing commitment to inspiring and mentoring young individuals, showcasing the various career paths and the noble service associated with India’s armed forces.