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Mr. Vikash Chandra played a vital role as a Ground Training Instructor in the Indian Air Force (IAF), where he trained new recruits and experienced personnel in weapon handling, physical fitness, and drill exercises. His dedication and expertise helped thousands of recruits become skilled members of the armed forces. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed; he received recognition from top officials like the Vice Chief of Air Force and Defense for...
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Dr. KK Sahu, a distinguished figure in the field of agriculture, recently conducted an enlightening session for students of class 10, shedding light on various career opportunities in agriculture. As a Professor/Principal Scientist at the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Dr. Sahu brings over three decades of rich experience and expertise. During the session, Dr. Sahu emphasized the importance of agriculture...
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  During a career session in the pharmaceutical department, associate professor Dr. Beena Gidwani motivates students. An insightful career session for students was recently arranged by the highly regarded faculty member in the pharmaceutical department, Associate Professor Dr. Beena Gidwani. Renowned for her knowledge in the field, Dr. Gidwani gave insightful advice to students on how to successfully navigate their career pathways. Pupils could participate in interactive conversations, pose questions,...
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Mr. Madhav Rathod, a distinguished alumnus who had returned to impart wisdom and counsel acquired from his experiences beyond the school’s walls, was the guest speaker. Madhav Rathod completed a diploma program in data analysis and deep learning after receiving his degree in sports science from Swarnim Gujarat Sports University in India. He has been a licensed football coach with the AIFF for one year, having tutored players at the...
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Infibrix Technologies’ data analyst, Ms. Bharti Kaushik, was the guest speaker for the Brighton Lecture Series. A great webinar about careers and prospects in data science and data analysis for kids in class XII. The youthful minds received insightful knowledge from the workshop. Ms. Bharti Kaushik is a post-graduate in business administration who has worked in the field for nine years overall, four of those years spent interpreting and analyzing...
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About Brighton Lecture Series

BLS Brighton Lecture Series

BLS or Brighton Lecture Series is conducted periodically at the school auditorium and features varied professionals from all walks of life. The guests are requested to share their life, motivations and details about choices they ade while selecting their careers. Brighton Lecture Series meant for senior students showcases unique personalities through the year, they inspire the young adults by sharing their life journey with them

Guests at #BLS

Mr. V.C Pandey-G.T. Instructor IAF
April 6, 20240
Dr. Krishna Kumar Sahu- Professor at Indira Gandhi Agriculture University
March 23, 20240
Dr. Beena Gidwani-An Associate Professor
November 8, 20230
Mr. Madhav Rathor- Business Development Manager
November 6, 20230
Ms. Bharti Kaushik-Data Analyst
August 26, 20230