Ms. Aishwarya Diwan – Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate

Brighton Lecture Series was honoured with the presence of Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate Ms. Aishwarya Diwan.
An enriching session for the students of class XI & XII ( Commerce & Humanities) covered the career & opportunities in the field of Judiciary, how the procedure works & thereby was an insightful experience to know about the civil procedures in India.


About Brighton Lecture Series

BLS Brighton Lecture Series

BLS or Brighton Lecture Series is conducted periodically at the school auditorium and features varied professionals from all walks of life. The guests are requested to share their life, motivations and details about choices they ade while selecting their careers. Brighton Lecture Series meant for senior students showcases unique personalities through the year, they inspire the young adults by sharing their life journey with them

Guests at #BLS

Ms. Rishika Agarwal- Fashion Designer
April 16, 20240
Mr. V.C Pandey-G.T. Instructor IAF
April 6, 20240
Dr. Krishna Kumar Sahu- Professor at Indira Gandhi Agriculture University
March 23, 20240
Dr. Beena Gidwani-An Associate Professor
November 8, 20230
Mr. Madhav Rathor- Business Development Manager
November 6, 20230