Construction Requirement for a School


Once you are familiar with the Land Requirement for CBSE the next question is how much to construct. So a regular Budget School today provisions for the following;

  1. Class Rooms – Based on Classes the School is starting with and the Section they are looking to start
  2. Office – Management, Admission, Accounts, Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinator, Counsellor
  3. Big Rooms – Library, Computer Lab, Dance Studio, Music Room, Craft & Art Room, Staff Room
  4. Miscellaneous Rooms – Exam Department, Stores,
  5. Toilets – Boys, Girls, Staff
  6. Assembly Hall / Ground
  7. Play Area – Swings, Slides, Merry go round and other outdoor play equipments
  8. Playground / Courts

I am trying below an approximate Sq Feet one has to build to accommodate all the above except 7 & 8.

Classroom Size: If one has to go through the bye law it says

“Class rooms – minimum size should be 8 m x 6 m (approx 500. sq. ft.).

(ii) Science Labs. (Composite for Secondary or/and separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Senior Secondary)- minimum size should be 9 m.x 6 m. each(approx 600 sq. ft) and fully equipped.

(iii) Library – minimum size should be 14 m.x 8 m. fully equipped and with reading room facility.

(iv) Computer Lab. and Math Lab. – No minimum size is prescribed, however, the school should have separate provision for each

(v) Rooms for extra curricular activities – either separate rooms for music, dance, arts & sports or one multi purpose hall for all these activities should be available.

The 500 Sq Feet Classroom is easy enough to make sir 35 ~ 40 students at a time. So here is the maths of total Square Feet of Construction


  • The School is starting from Nursery – Class VII
  • School is starting with 2 section each
  • School is building all the above mentioned point in the beginning of this post.
  • We will do all the calculation by taking unit as One Classroom which measure 500 Sq feet

Total No of Classrooms with two sections each – 20

Library – Double of a classroom – 2

Labs – Maths Lab & Composite Science Lab – 3

Studio – Art, Music & Dance – 4.5

Management Office, Principals Office – 2

Accounts, Coordinator, Exam Room, Store, Admissions Office  – 3.5

Staff Room – 2

Toilets – 3

So a total of = 40 units of 500 Square feet each

= 20,000 Square Feet

If one has to multiply this 20,000 Sq Feet with a rough estimate of Rs 900 for construction, the fund requirement is around Rs 1.8 Crores or 2 crores.

Nationalised Banks do give loans to Societies / Trust looking to start schools.

Hope this post will help one get a better understanding of the task and the costs

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