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What is On Demand CBSE Affiliation & Pre-ponement of session

CBSE On demand affiliation

What do you do if you cant gather all the documents you require before March 31. What do you do if due to some technical glitch, you fail to submit your application by the submission deadline of March 31 for CBSE Affiliation. What if you have promised parents that school is going to get affiliated with the CBSE and not able to apply by the submission deadline.

Dont worry, now you can apply for CBSE Affiliation after the due date or deadline of March 31. The new changes or the new set of permission have been brought with new the affiliation bye laws in 2018.

So how does the CBSE define ‘ON DEMAND’ Affiliation? – On demand Affiliation is meant for those schools that miss the opportunity to apply online for affiliation during time period prescribed by the Affiliation Bye-laws. Such schools can apply online with prescribed fee any time in a year for Affiliation of various categories and also for additional subjects of their choice. Such applications shall be treated on priority.


Why has it been introduced –

The Board expects school seeking affiliation to apply online within prescribed time period, after fulfillment of mandatory conditions. On receipt of applications of affiliation, CBSE gives affiliation for applied session subject to fulfillment of conditions prescribed in CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws as per rules. However, considering the future of students admitted in these schools, the provisions for on demand affiliation has been introduced for those schools which miss the opportunity to apply online. The schools can opt the same as per its requirement. It is clarified that this is not compulsory, and is meant only for the rare cases that miss the deadline. So now schools can log in any time and can apply for School affiliation, assumption they have the resources to pay 20 times or 10 times of the regular affiliation fee.

What is the Cost / Fee for Applying for On Demand Affiliation – As per the 2019-20 Cycle, the Fee for On Demand Affiliation is set at Rs 10,00,000 (10 Lacs) for schools in India and Rs 15,00,000 (15 Lacs) for Schools outside of India. The cost is same for the approval of Middle Class, Secondary and Higher Secondary Classes.

On demand affiliation CBSE

CBSE has also introduced a new service called “Pre-ponement of session” for Schools looking to ‘not wait for the next session but wanting affiliation in this session’ can apply for the Pre-ponment of session under the same and such cases will be considered on priority.

Quoting from CBSE FAQs – Those schools that may have applied as per Byelaw norms for next session, but require to pre-pone the session of Affiliation to the current session, due to various reasons, are provided with an opportunity to pre-pone the session. For example – The Board has taken applications this year for the session 2020-21, which implies that it can enroll students in classes IX/XI from the academic session of 20- 21. However, if the school in question would like to obtain affiliation from the current session itself, that is, from 19-20, and would like to enroll in class IX/XI for Board exams in 2020, it shall be defined as preponement of session. Such a school can take advantage of the provisions of this circular. The conditions for pre-ponement of session are as under:-

  1. Request of school with appropriate reasons
  2. Recognition for the period of pre-ponement
  3. Enrollment of students
  4. Inspection Committee recommendation
  5. Payment of prescribed fee

I believe this is a welcome step for promoters who can spend money to help get affiliation early. It also helps schools who due to state government find themselves late in catching the 31 March deadline.

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4 thoughts on “What is On Demand CBSE Affiliation & Pre-ponement of session”

  1. Sir,
    Currently I have given my exams for class 11 from ISC board (ICSE till 10th) and I want to continue my studies from CBSE board in 12th.Can I get admission in 12th in Your School. Kindly reply Sir

  2. Just a doubt in the statement copied and pasted from the explanation above-
    “However, if the school in question would like to obtain affiliation from the current session itself, that is, from 19-20, and would like to enroll in class IX/XI for Board exams in 2020, it shall be defined as preponement of session.”

    Shouldn’t it be “Board exams in 2021” instead of “Board exams in 2020” ?

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