Start a Sports School – Next Big Opportunity

What is a Sports School? How is it different from a Regular School

A Sports School has a Day Boarding or a fully residential facility. A sports School looks to develop professional sportsmen in the longer run.

What are the characteristics of a Good Sports School

  1. Appropriate balance between training programs, competitions and academics.
  2. Expose students to a variety of sports/games including from young age so that it helps children discover their natural ability and talent
  3. Inculcate sportsmanship and discipline, develop physical and mental abilities which go with sports.
  4. Integrate Sport for Life, Long-Term Athlete Development, and Physical Literacy into their communities.
  5. Teachers Training Academy giving away BPED degrees to foster a stream of young talent as teachers in the school

ADMISSIONS at a Sports School

A Good Sports School shall adopt a multi pronged approach of selecting students. The selection procedure could be

  1. Scouts Level information
  2. State & District Level Competition results
  3. Sports Federation wise quotas
  4. Corporate Social Responsibilities Tie Ups
  5. School’s own admission criteria & screenings
  6. Government & Semi Government agency’s recommendation


A good sports school should have land measuring upwards of 10-15 Acres or more. The facility should be accommodate the following

  • Sports wise Grounds/ Range / Dromes / Arena / Stadiums / Courts etc
  • Residential Facilities for Students
  • Residential Facilities for Faculty
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Meditation & Yoga Area
  • Mess / Canteen
  • Hospital / Medical infirmary
  • School Area as per the Board Norms CBSE / ICSE / IB / State Board based
  • Other sports & Sports related facilities

The Big Opportunity

The Sports Minister Col Rajyawardha Rathore has to say this about Sports School

“One hundred and fifty schools over the next three years will be converted into sports schools with an investment of Rs 1,000 crore. I am also glad to say that the first sponsorship the athletes are going to get will be from the Government of India. Thousand athletes in this year will be getting Rs 5 lakh every year for the next 8 years. So imagine a student who is 12 years old and if we start supporting him at that point of time with Rs 5 lakh – if he has that talent – and then support him till he is 20 years of age. We expect by then he will be picked up by the junior Indian team and will get his own sponsors. Or that he will be part of the senior Indian team and he will have a separate funding. We are filling that gap which existed between a natural young talent and a person who is excelling.”

Not only this , I believe with the evolution of Sporting Leagues, better Infrastructure, Modern Parenting Concepts, New Age Schools, Fully Developed Housing Societies and above all a new culture where people can now realistically imagine a viable career in sports beyond just Cricket is leading a slow but new revolution in India. With the kind of population that we have, it is just a matter of time, that we will start producing athletes of repute and world beaters.

Who all will benefit.

If the above mentioned is true, everybody and anybody involved with grass root level momentum building activity will stand to benefit, here are a few kinds who will generate value in the longer run

  • Sporting Infrastructure Companies
    • Companies who are into providing consultancies to do with Architecture of the facility, Layout of the area, Vendor finalisation, Court pavers, Machines etc
  • Training Providers
    • A battery of Coaches / PTIs / Instructors would be required to teach so many players, institutes providing quality instructor’s training will stand to gain
    • Support Staff like referees, Yoga, Physiotherapist, Life Coach, Sports Psychologists etc
  • Special Service Providers
    • Tech Companies specialising in Sporting Software, Players Database Management, Competition Database Management, Players Performance Management etc
    • Food & Nutrition Services – catering services
    • Sports Event Organisers

Just imagine a country of billion people, percent of a Billion is = 1,00,00,000 {1 Crore}. Can there be so many players, if not 1% half a percent—-> still that would be lot.

Abhiney Singh

Abhiney Singh

I run a school called Brighton International School ( I am also now a partner with a School consulting company which helps budding educators or investors start school or gain access to help related to school. The help could be in the form of Turnkey School Consultation, Detailed Project report, Project Finance, Business Plan consulting, Recruitment planning, Infrastructure consultation, Affiliation Consultation, Teacher’s Training, Academic and Curriculum Planning. I now have a decade of work experience. I strongly believe in improving every day and I have tremendous respect for people who pursue their dreams with undying passion and enthusiasm. I have worked in Mumbai for about 6 years as a Marketing-Media professional which has helped me in shaping what I am today. I am Chemical Engineer with an MBA in Marketing. You can know more about me at You can mail me on or call me on +91 70002 40006. This number is also on whatsapp.

3 thoughts on “Start a Sports School – Next Big Opportunity

  • January 16, 2020 at 10:32 am

    We need guidelines to start a spprts school in Vasai Virar dist. Palghar

    • January 28, 2020 at 7:12 am

      To start a sports school, one has to have large reservoir of capital, vision and patience. If you have the three kindly call me on my number 70002 40006

  • January 31, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Hi Abhiney ,
    Could you please elaborate a little more on any existing government support schemes for sports school? I wish to start the same in haryana and punjab and am looking forward to your inputs . Do you have qny idea of an approximate cost that might be incurred in constructing a boxing rink, racing tracks and a swimming pool of a considerable size for adult students ?


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