The Prohibition of unfair Practices in School Bill 2012 – Introduction

This seems to be the a lot of hoopla around the proposed bill tabled by Central Advisory Board of Education CABE. The local newspapers and dailies seem to be highlighting issues in a populist manner. The entire proposed bill can be downloaded from are the salient points –
1) For the first time there is a clear definition of Capitation Fee. It is defined as a fee charged without any mention in the fee structure.
2) School cannot charge any fee for giving away prospectus or admission related details.
3) School cannot conduct any admission test for classes below class VIII.
4) If school is conduction admission test for classes above class VIII, they have to notify and make the entire process transparent for the parents and students.
5) There are various topics under the information about the school, which a school has to mandatorily divulge on their website and at the school entrance.
6) No donation (not mentioned in the fee structure) should be charged.
7) The School Management Committee should contain;
– 50% members should be females.
– 75% members should be parents of the children studying in the school.
– Representative of Local Administration Authority.
8) Fee refund rules should be explicitly mentioned in the fee structure or in the information brochure.
9) School cannot force a student to buy books, Dress and other such items from a specified shop.At this moment, the bill is still to be tabled in the parliament and get a nod a final nod. But overall it is a positive step towards clarifying the on-going confusion across various states.

I hope it also takes into account some views from the Private Unaided Schools and make it more holistic, some additions of the following sort would be welcome –
1) Inter-School transfer policies in the middle of the term.
2) Teacher eligibility test – Uniform guidelines for PRT/PGT/TGT
3) Division of powers and influence over schools between State Education Board and CBSE/ICSE etc boards.
4) Vacation dates and total days in an academic calendar.

Hope this will help in creating a more structured and

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