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Buy / Sell Change of Management for a School

Sell Buy Change of Management CBSE School India

The New CBSE Bye Laws released by the CBSE on 18 October 2018 mentioned the following in Chapter 15, 15.2; let us first try to understand what the law permits and says;


A school affiliated with the board is not allowed to be transferred from without the approval of the board.The approval of transfer will be subject to the following:

  1. A School may be allowed to be transferred on request from one subject to the conditions that
    • there are genuine reasons threatening the very existence of the school; OR
    • it has become impossible for the to existing Society / Trust / Company to run the school; OR
    • such transfer has been necessitated in the interest of furtherance of cause of education.
  2. The request of the school will be considered only after prior express approval from the State/UT Government
  3. Transfer of school from one will be subjected to fulfilment of the conditions laid down in the CBSE byelaws
  4. CBSE has designated a specific fee in Appendix – 1 which shall be charged from the school in case of transfer of ownership.  {For 2019-20, it has been kept at Rs 5 Lacs}.
  5. Case will be considered only in respect of schools affiliated to the board for at least FIVE years
  6. The Five year clause can be exempted in case of transfer of large scale industrial, infrastructure and other projects
  7. The clause 1 and 5 will be exempted in case of Government Schools

This is a very progressive step and something which was a hindrance to the functioning of the schools is now taken care of. Anyway, without the laws also such change of ownership was happening, but now it has taken a legal shape, which is a welcome action.
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