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Innovative Schools – A new definition for CBSE Affiliation

What are Innovative Schools

Innovative schools are the special category of schools implementing innovative ideas in the fields of skill development, sports, arts, sciences etc. 

There are special provisions in para 2.6 of the Byelaws for such schools. 
So, what is para 2.6 in the bye laws?
The paragraph in the CBSE affiliation goes as follows;

Special Provision for Innovative School
Special category of innovative schools may also be considered for grant of affiliation by the board. All the provisions of affiliation byelaws will be applicable to these schools unless otherwise provided in the byelaws.

The affiliation to the innovative schools is subjected in the following conditions:

2.6.1 The special category of innovative will cover specialised schools, not covered elsewhere in the byelaws, implementing INNOVATIVE IDEAS in the field of






from the CBSE Bye Laws

2.6.2 The Schools will be granted affiliation as per THE FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS OF THE SCHOOL.

2.6.3 The School shall produce recognition certificate in respect of all the classes that are proposed to be opened in the school as per the requirements of RTE act 2009. In respect of students/classes not covered under RTE Act 2009, the school shall compulsory produce permission from the state government to open/start all classes which are proposed to be started in the school.

2.6.5 The admission of students in schools shall be governed by the conditions mentioned in the NOC and Permission issued by the State/UT Government.

2.6.6 The decision of the board for considering any school under this category shall be final.

So what does it mean

Earlier for Schools looking to start such kind of schools like SPORTS SCHOOLS, there was a big challenge –

Admissions only after screening of Students: Students can only be accepted/ admitted/ selected only when the child shows some flair or aptitude for sports or particular game. In my honest opinion this is more feasible or measurable once the child attains an age of 10-12 years. By this logic, these schools mostly look to start form Class V or Class VI and onwards.

But, now schools looking to provide Special Focus to a certain craft can get affiliation from CBSE.

More such new concepts can be tried given there is an increased emphasis on “letting kids get better at what they are good at”, concepts such as Arts, Sculpting, Crafts of different kinds, Music, Skill development etc.

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