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Making School Assembly meaningful

Making Morning Assembly Meaningful

The Morning Assembly

I studied at a fully residential school which kept the personality development of the student over everything else. If I now dissect the methodology which they evolved I find that one daily activity which provided us students with great confidence and had a huge impact on our personality was the morning Assembly. In my school it was considered to be holier than thou and was mandatory for everyone, right from teachers to students to attend.

Hence assembly at a School in my opinion is the single most potent tool for bringing about change in the overall development of the student. Not only does it take care of academic interest, sharpen personality traits but also goes a long way in improving the internal communication within the school. Following my alma mater approach at my school Brighton International School too we have tried a few things and I believe has shown tremendous result over a period of time. So as far as the applicability of what I am going to write is concerned the reader can safely assume it works for good.

So here is my bit on how schools can conduct their assembly (which they should).

  1. Assign Class Teachers responsible with how the assembly is going to get conducted, assign a teacher (could be a same or a different teacher everyday)
  2. Assign roll numbers to all the students and let their be a counter where everyone has to speak
  3. Assign each of the class a separate role to perform, for example Class VI – ‘Word of the day’, Class VII – ‘Thought of the day’, Class VIII – ‘News of the say’, Class IX – ‘Speech’, Class Xi – ‘Anchoring / compeering the assembly, Class XIII – Speech
  4. During special days or occasions schools can arrange special theme based approach, like Enronment Day (a snall skit or a role play), Independence Day etc
  1. If the school has strength which cant fit into a given space divide them into sub sets or change timings for assemblies by class or sections.


Role of Teachers and Principal

  • The teachers should make sure each and every kid understands the need of such an affair on a daily basis. The set up on the stage should be such that the format should be between formal and informal. No student should feel awkward when they make the mistake but at the same time enough preparation should go in before he or she appears on the stage.
  • Teachers should also try keeping anecdotal records of the way the student has performed and should work to make it better though a transparent feedback mechanism.
  • One parent was discussing with me how much is he worried about his ward’s future as he is a doing just about OK in the class. I told him if his ward can speak English proficiently, present himself well in front of strangers and is not afraid of public speaking he is good enough to do 70% of the jobs currently in India. I think assembly can contribute to all the three qualifications here.

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