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Quizzing – How can we encourage quizzing in schools

Quizzing is one of the most positive addiction and great fun. People who quiz regularly become more observant over a period of time. Quizzers analyse, observe and remember trivia, data, figures and facts. Any child exposed to joys of quizzing should go on to posses an inquisitive brain and a powerful memory. This post is about how we can develop quizzing at school level. Here are some of the ideas I have used and some are still to be put into practice –

1) Start a Quiz Club
Just like Maths Club, English Literature Club, Painting or Music. Quizzing should be treated as a hobby. Couple of classes on any given day of the week should be dedicated to quizzing. Students can be divided in groups and one group should take the responsibility of conducting the quiz. Teachers should make sure to tell them what goes into making good quiz questions, type of rounds, Negative marking rules etc. Make sure the class is equipped with various multimedia devices for the question to become interesting.

2) A question a day 
The class teacher can share with students one trivia every day. This could be from any sphere ranging from economics, business, politics, academics or movies etc. Teacher can further go on to write the question on the board or the bulletin board within the class room.

3) The Quiz Box
We have tries this at our school Brighton International School. A DROP-BOX could be erected on the wall, with the provision of space on the box or around the box where the question could be displayed. The positioning of the box should be at the most visited corner of the school for maximum visibility. The students who know the answer can drop in their answer with their names and classes mention on the paper chit. After screening the answers, one lucky winner could be awarded by a draw of luck method during the school assembly.

4) Quiz Competitions
This is a no-brainer and is oft used method to encourage quizzing. One could make this interesting by giving a hint about the topics a few days before the quiz.

5) The Thesaurus Quiz Board
Though a little outdated in the world of Google, but a bulletin board in the school could be put up where students can pin any question which they could not find an answer to. Teacher will collect those and will find answers and answer the same during the school assembly.

If somebody has more to add to the list, I would love ton hear them. Kindly contribute by adding to the comments section. I shall later append the same to this post.

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2 thoughts on “Quizzing – How can we encourage quizzing in schools”

  1. I have 2 more suggestions for you.

    1. I am sure you must have computers as part of curriculum. However most people neglect one basic skill related to computers and that is Typing. I would like to urge you to make every student learn proper typing. I consider typing as a basic skill in these times along with reading and writing. If you can’t type properly using your all fingers, then I think that’s going to drag you down all your life. There are various websites like – which teach you to type for free. You can also test your typing speed. My son learned typing using it and can now do 20 WPM in just a month.

    2. May be you should even encourage every student to learn coding, may be a little coding. Why? See video on to know why.

    Good Luck.

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