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Rules & Regulation to Start Pre School in India


Guidelines for regulating private play schools for the children of the age of three to six year


(3) Establishment of private Play School

a) No private play school in existence on that date shall, after the expiry of six months from the said date be run;

b) No private play school shall be established without the recognition of the competent authority and except in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in such recognition, as per these guidelines.

(4) The procedure of recognition and norms and standards for a school

(a) The management of every private play school- in existence on the date of the enforcement of these guidelines as per point 3 (a) and of every private play school proposed to be established on or after that date shall make an application to the competent authority for recognition to run such institution or to establish such institution, as the case may be;

(b) Every such application small

i. be in the prescribed form as annexed;

ii. be accompanied by such processing fee as prescribed by respective appropriate Government; and

iii. shall fulfill criterion for the safe and secure environment for children as per the annexed checklist; and the visiting team constituted by the competent authority shall ensure that all points in the checklist are fulfilled by the playschool before granting recognition,

iv. contain the particulars as per the following Norms and Standards,

S. NoItemNorms & Standards
1StaffNumber of Teachers- One teacher for 20 children
Number of caregivers- One caregiver for 20 children
Adequate staff to maintain hygiene, sanitation, ensure safety, security of children in the play school
2BuildingAll-weather building consisting of-
(a) arrangements for securing the school building by boundary wall
or fencing
(b) adequate circulation area and ventilation
(c) a separate rest room for children;
(d) barrier-free access;
(e) separate child-friendly and disabled-friendly toilets for boys and girls;
(f) soap, clean cloth/towel, garbage bin, wash basin/sink at low level
(g) potable, safe and adequate drinking water facility to all children;
(h) a pantry (desirable);
(i) play area;
(j) CCTV surveillance (ensure security of data)
(k) Fire safety measures
(l) Periodic pest control
3Minimum number of instructional hours per day3-4 hours per day as per National ECCE Policy 2013
(Play school should only be used as non-residential facility functional as per the prescribed number of hours per day).
4Teaching Learning AidsShall be provided to each class in adequate number in accordance with the prescribed curriculum.
5LibraryThere shall be a library in each school having reading material appropriate for early years, educational audio-visual aids.
6Play material, games and sports equipmentAs prescribed by an authority specified by MWCD, Government of India in adequate number.
7HealthBasic First Aid & Medicine Kit containing band-aids/ bandages, cotton wool and disinfectants for minor injuries. ORS packets, scissors, thermometer and antiseptic ointment should also be part of the medicine kit. Arrangement for quarterly health check-up of children by a registered medical practitioner
8Recordsa) enrolment forms of children
b) admission/ enrolment register for recording profile of children and their parents including detail of both parents
c) attendance register of children
d) attendance registers of all employees
e) maintenance of quarterly health check-up records of children
f) stock register
g) fee record of all children

v. Where a play school is established before implementation of these guidelines, it shall take steps to fulfill the norms and standards within 6 months

vi. An affidavit that all the office bearers of the applicant organization have never been convicted under POCSO Act, 2012; Juvenile Justice Act, 2015; and Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 and Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016

(5) Requirement with respect to Name

(a) Every private educational institution coming under the purview of these guidelines shall include in its name the word ‘play school’,

(b) Subject to the provisions of point 5(a) no private play school shall style itself under any name except in accordance with such rules as may be made in this behalf and without the approval of the competent authority.

(6) Grant of recognition:

(a) On receipt of an application under point 4 the competent authority may grant or refuse to grant the recognition after taking into consideration the particulars contained in such application, provided that the recognition shall not be refused unless the applicant has been given an opportunity of making his/her representations.

(b) The procedure of granting recognition.

After receiving the application, the competent authority will scrutinize the applications.

ii. After shortlisting the proposals, a minimum two-member visit team comprising officials, not below block-level will be formed by the competent authority to visit the site of proposed play school/already established play school

iii. The visiting team will then submit its report in the prescribed format as annexed with these guidelines, to the competent authority. After the receipt of the report, the competent authority, if satisfied that the proposal for recognition fulfills the objects laid down under point 4; may issue a Recognition Certificate indicating the number of seats allotted, within a period of one month of receiving the proposal, to establish the play school in accordance with the provisions of

National ECCE Policy 2013 for a period of one year.

iv. The playschool has to apply for renewal of the Recognition Certificate to the competent authority every year.

v. The competent authority after due diligence will renew the registration only if the playschool fulfill all the basic requirements

(7) Procedure for Closure

(a) No play school shall be closed without due recognition by the competent authority to be sought by the management by duly applying to the competent authority.

(b) The competent authority before granting recognition for closure has to ensure that the children are transferred to any other such play school thereby ensuring the continuity of the session.

(8) Power to withdraw recognition

The competent authority may, at any time, withdraw the recognition granted under point 6,

(a) If such recognition has been obtained by fraud, misrepresentation or suppression of material particulars or where after obtaining the recognition there is violation of any of the provisions of the guidelines or of any of terms or conditions or findings of inspection under point 22, or of the recognition or of any direction issued by the competent authority under these guidelines at any stage

(b) If in any case NCPCR/SCPCR/National ECCE Council/State ECCE Council do not find a play school fit in their observation for the interest of child and recommend to competent authority or appropriate Government, after consideration of competent authority.

(c) If the competent authority, after inquiry, finds any violation of POCSO Act, 2012 or J.J. Act, 2015 or any other child-related law or violation of Manual for Safety and Security of Children in Schools issued by NCPCR

(d) Before withdrawing recognition under points 8(a) and/or 8(b) and/or 8(c), the competent authority has to give the management of the playschool an opportunity for making its representation.

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11 thoughts on “Rules & Regulation to Start Pre School in India”

  1. In Haryana,is it mandatory to open a preschool in a commercial space or can it be opened in independent residential space also..

  2. Hi
    I am planing to open a preschool in my own name, not franchise. What is the kind of investment required and any govt body registration required?
    Please enlighten me.

    1. The best way is to seek an appointment with few franchise owners like Kidzee, Little millennium etc. Take all the know how from them and decide post that. The local laws vary from place to place, hence my inability to advise you on this.

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