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Teacher’s Trainer & School Principals’ Network

This is an idea which I have been thinking for a long time and with the advent of social media groups and reach of instant messaging, it’s becoming easy now to start working on it.

As a school consultant, education blogger, promoter of Brighton International School I come in contact with many people who are doing wonderful work in the area of Teachers Training, Students’ workshops, Parenting, counseling etc. Also, a host of Principals are looking to keep themselves abreast with the happening in the education sector and career opportunities for themselves or for their peers. At this moment of time, I believe it will be a fabulous idea to bring all these together and create a highly fertile community brewing with ideas, news of opportunities and updates.

This could be a highly symbiotic relationship we can forge helping all of us together in the long run to grow.

Here is my WhatsApp number:

+91 70002 40006

If you are interested in becoming a part of this community, send me a Direct Message.

The community will be called ‘TEACH CLUB’ on whatsapp.

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