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Teaching Resources on the web

The internet is flooding with information. Needless to state the advantages and the help a teacher can derive from the web. Though what is more pertinent here is where to seek for what kind of information. The subject here in this blog which I have chosen is Mathematics, I am putting down name of certain websites which can be very effective while making lesson plans or when designing Maths class activities.Website 1: – This website provides with lot of maths activities and resources

Website 2: – This is a blog by a teacher and has some really good activities and worksheet ideas

Website 3: – This is not for maths specifically but  offers interesting videos on lot of other subjects too.

Website 4: – Another website with lots of textbooks and printables

Website 5: This is a blog by PBS, US.


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2 thoughts on “Teaching Resources on the web”

  1. Hi, I need some input for a 20 min demo class. Topic – Sense Organs. An early reply will be appreciated.

    1. Dear Madhurima,
      There is beautiful activity on Sense Organs which we did at my School Brighton International School. Here you go
      You bring object which will address each of the sub topics.
      1. Hear: You ask students to stay in one room and make sounds which they can hear but can’t see you.
      2. Touch : Get an abrasive surface, silk, cotton, jelly – Put them envelope and ask them to close their eyes and touch these items kept in a bag / envelope and describe
      3. Smell: Take an envelope full of perfume and the other with a pungent smelling substance. Put them on the desk ask them to go and smell each of them and describe their reactions
      4. Speak – Blindfold a few students and ask them to move round the classroom with someone else giving them commands.
      6. See: you play dumb carried with kids where the teacher acts in certain manner without speaking and the kids come up with an answer by just watching

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