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The 2 Days Workshop

Consecutive Saturday & Sunday

To be announced

Hello, so if you are here reading this, the question in your mind are as follows

  1. What are the rules in India to start a school
  2. What are the legal requirements?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. What is the area and the construction requirements?
  5. How about a business plan for the school? when does it break even?
  6. What will by the Fee structure / Teachers’ salaries / People required?
  7. How do I do the feasibility for my area?
  8. What is NEP – New Education Policy and its impact on the schools?
  9. Challenges of starting a school?
  10. Franchise vs Own Brand ?
  11. CBSE Affiliation / ICSE / IB Board ? IGCSE / State Board – How does that work?
  12. What about vendors / architects etc, who are the best, how do i get in touch with them?
  13. How do I develop curriculum for my school?
  14. What are standard operation procedures for admission, emergency, staff etc?
  15. How do market a school brand – The traditional and the modern construct?

There will be these and possibly many such queries troubling you, sign-up for my power packed workshop priced at Rs 8,500. Do show your interest by clicking on the sign-up link above, we will get back to you with the starting date.

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