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Visiting the CBSE Office in Delhi Preet Vihar – An Educator’s experience

Visiting the CBSE Office

CBSE Office Delhi

CBSE office is located at Preet Vihar Delhi. One of the readers of  recently paid a visit to the CBSE office. To show his appreciation to the efforts of Teach Club, here is a post helping the ‘first time’ visitor to the CBSE office. I thank him for this invaluable contribution.


I just visited the CBSE office. Here are the details, that may be useful to people visiting your blog.
a. The office opens at 9:30 AM. Security does not allow visitors inside then. I was let in exactly at 9:30 AM.
b. There is a reception inside where you could go and state your request. They will ask you to fill a small form with your name, your designation, your school name + address and the Registration Number that was received during the online application process.
c. The receptionist will then ask you to wait in the lobby. I waited for about 45 minutes after which an officer from the affiliations department came over and met me at the reception. I explained my situation, where I saw the word “deficiency” against our application, and I wanted to know what I should do. I also explained that I would like to know the entire procedure from hereon. Here’s what he explained:
(i) We (our school) will get a letter within 7 days regarding this deficiency. The letter could either be a physical letter that will be posted to us, or will be put up online. So we have to check for both.
(ii) The letter will state the exact nature of the deficiency and will give us an opportunity to rectify it. He mentioned that we will get 15 to 20 days to rectify it and mail the proof of rectification to CBSE.
(iii) If CBSE is satisfied, then they will constitute an IC (Inspection committee) of two people. We will be given their names and phone numbers. We will need to coordinate with them to facilitate their visit to our school.
(iv) After their visit, CBSE will issue a letter that could state that the process is successful and we have got the affiliation, or that there are some deficiencies. In case of the latter, we will be given an opportunity to rectify the deficiencies.
(v) Upon rectification of the second set of deficiencies (if any), CBSE will then issue the approvals. If CBSE is not satisfied with the rectification, it will reject our application.
d. Other information: While visiting the CBSE office in Preet Vihar, it is better to go early to beat the crowd. By the time I met the officer, there were a reasonable number of people who had queued up and it looked like many more were walking in. Also, one needs to be ready with all pertinent information including the registration number, application id, school name, address, phone number etc. Almost everyone (security, receptionist, officer from affiliation dept) prefers to converse in Hindi, so if there are people from parts of India who are not familiar with the language, they may find it a bit more cumbersome to get their work done.
As I go through my journey of getting the affiliation, I’ll let you know about the other events or issues that take place.


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