October 20, 2021

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How to Start a School in India

Start a school in india

If you are wondering or searching for answers to question given below than it is possible you have reached the right blog. So some of the the HOWS & WHATS (HOWTS) are as follows

Serial No.HOWTS
1How much money does it take to start a school?
2How much land should I acquire to start a school?
3What will be an approximate cost of construction (civil work) for a School building?
4What are the heads should I consider under my Capital Expenditure head?
5What should do I account under the head – Operational Expenditure?
6What is a break-even period for a school project?
7How should one account for the revenues?
8What should be the strength of my Teaching & Non Teaching staff?
9What are the nuances of Provident Fund (EPF) for Schools as an organisation?
10What are the norms laid down by CBSE in terms of students to teacher ratio. Size of the rooms/labs/library etc. ?
11What are the various facilities I have to account for which conceiving the School’s building structure?

These and many more questions flood entrepreneurs/Social Workers / Enthusiasts mind while looking to open a new school. So let us take these question one by one and see if can find answers to all the above.

How much money does it take to start a School?

Query No 1
These is not one single answer to this question. It is determined by a  a lot of factors. Some of the bigger factors are as follows

  • All your answers to HOWTS.
  • Cost of Land – Where are you buying it, How much are you buying it
  • What is the capacity you are targeting?
  • How do you plan to position your school in the targeted market?

Answer these questions and make up your mind how do you imagine the facilities at your school will help you answer this query.

Query No 2

How much land should I acquire to start a school?


It will all depend upon the Affiliation you are planning to seek for your venture. For example if you are looking to start a school in Punjab with affiliation from the PUNJAB STATE BOARD the land required will be as follows;

(a) In case of as institution located in URBAN area:-
(i) Up to Middle Classes 2 Kanals (1000 Sq. yard) (0.2 Acres)
(ii) Up to Matriculation Classes 4 Kanals (2000 Sq. yard) (0.4 Acres)
(iii) Up to Sr. Sec. Classes 8 Kanals (4000 Sq. yard) (0.8 Acres)
In case of Multi-storeyed Building (3000 sq. yard)  (0.6 Acres)

(b) In case of as institution located in RURAL area:-
(i) Up to Middle Classes 3 Kanals (1500 Sq. yard) (0.3 Acres)
(ii) Up to Matriculation Classes 6 Kanals (3000 Sq. yard) (0.6 Acres)
(iii) Up to Sr. Sec. Classes 12 Kanals (6000 Sq. yard) (1.2 Acres)
In case of Multi-storeyed Building (5000 sq. yard) (1 Acre)

In case if you are looking to open a CBSE Affiliated School then you would require  the following;

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Similarly each of the state board or ICSE, IB will have their own set or requirements. Depending upon your choice of board you can acquire the required piece of land.

Query No 3

What will be an approximate cost of construction (civil work) for a School building?

I have answered this question in one of earlier blog, reiterating the same “This query invites a subjective response but a thumb rule for starters / planners. 2 Acres of land at the market price plus cost of construction at about 1100/1500 Rs a square feet.”

Query No 4

What are the heads should I consider under my Capital Expenditure head?

Though this is not the exhaustive list but while making the biz plan, following will be a part of your capital expenditure

  • Land & Site Development
  • Building Cost
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Electrical Items
  • Interest on Loans if any

Each of these will further can be broken in multiple heads. There is a huge amount of minute detailing involved while planning a thoughtful infrastructure. Please spend a lot of time while going through the list of all the facilities planned and corresponding expenses.

Query No 5

What should do I account under the head – Operational  Expenditure?

Mostly Salaries,Repairs, Maintenance along with misc spends like Co-curricular activities/ Awards/Scholarships etc. A school though doesn’t require too much of maintenance and is unlike any brick and mortar based facility in that regard. But with kids involved one has to be prepared for the damage and subsequently maintenance of the property.

Query No 6

What is a typical break-even period for a school project?

This is a very subjective call to pinpoint the break even for such a venture. It entirely depends upon the success of the venture and the amount of capital invested. Though operational break even will not require much time to come. For a moderate financed venture meeting moderate success should break even anywhere within 8-10 years time frame.

Query No 7

How should one account for the revenues?

The revenues come in the form of Fee. In case you are a start up and hungry for admissions, you might find it difficult to recoup the due Fee in due time, be prepared with a cash flow from your end.

Some organisation can generate income through renting out the building for other purposes, that can also be accounted under revenues.

Query No 8

What should be the strength of my Teaching & Non Teaching staff?


You would need the following personnel or category of people to start the school

1. Principal

2. Co-ordinator / Head Master

3. Teachers (NTT / PRT / TGT / PGT/ PTI / Music / Dance/ Art / Craft)

4. Lab Assistants

5. Aya Bai (Maids)

6. Chaperons (Peons)

7. Admin Staff

8. Computer Operator

9. Accountant / Accounts Staff

10. Grade III / IV Staff like Gardener, Driver, Nurse etc

For the non teaching staff, you can work out based on your needs and requirements. As far as teaching staff goes, you have to get 1.5 teacher per Section. For example you are running a school form Class I to Class III and each of the class has 3 sections, into-to you have 9 classrooms. Teachers required will be 1.5 X 9 = 13.5 = 14 teachers. Principal is not included in this math.

The required qualification for each of the teaching staff and Principal is available in the bye-laws of all the affiliation boards.

Query No 9

What are the nuances of Provident Fund (EPF) for Schools as organisation?

Any organisation having more than 19 employees is bound to provide their employees with Provident Fund facility. This is a separate topic on its own. To know more, I suggest you go through this blog .

Query No 10

What are the norms for students to teacher ratio, Size of the rooms/labs/library etc. ?

There is a minimum dimension laid down by the CBSE for Classrooms, Library etc. But don’t get daunted by those numbers as it will all depend upon your intake in each classroom. One should not try to exceed more than 45 students in a classroom.

Just to give you a perspective, here is what CBSE has laid down for classrooms. (Form the Bye-laws)

The infrastructural facilities should be as follows:-

(i) Class rooms – minimum size should be 8 m x 6 m (approx 500. sq. ft.).

(ii) Science Labs. (Composite for Secondary or/and separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Senior Secondary)- minimum size should be 9 m.x 6 m.each (approx 600 sq. ft) and fully equipped.

(iii)Library – minimum size should be 14 m.x 8 m. fully equipped and with reading room facility.

(iv) Computer Lab. and Math Lab. – No minimum size is prescribed, however, the school should have separate provision for each

(v) Rooms for extra curricular activities – either separate rooms for music, dance, arts & sports or one multi purpose hall for all these activities should be available

Besides this there could be separate norms for different state boards, please get a thorough understanding of these prerequisites before planning  your building.

Query No 11

What are the various facilities I have to account for which conceiving the School’s building structure?

This could be an endless list, but some facilities have become hygiene for new and upcoming schools. Here are some pointers;

  1. Multi media enabled Classrooms (Classrooms with projectors and multimedia content)
  2. Art Lab
  3. Craft Studio
  4. Music Studio
  5. Dance Room
  6. Activity Hall
  7. Sports Facilities – Indoor and Outdoor
  8. Language Labs
  9. Maths Lab
  10. Composite Science Labs for junior classes
  11. Labs for higher classes – Biology / Physics / Chemistry
  12. Transport facility

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