Permissions required to start a school in India

Dear ‘to be School Promoters’,

A lot of you must be mulling the idea to start the school but still daunted with the task of figuring out the required permissions / Licences / Authorisations / No objection Certificate which are required. This post will list out almost all the permissions required to start a school in India. I am listing down the points based on the timing of these steps, most of them succeed the one mentioned earlier too them.

  1. Formation of Society / Trust / Section 8 company
  2. Bank Account in the name of Society / Trust / Section 8 company
  3. Lease Document is the land is being leased to the school or Sale Deed if the school has bought it or otherwise. Lease deed should be in the name of school and Duration of the Lease – 30 years
  4. Change of Land Use (Diversion) (CLU) document of the land on which the school is building is going to get built
  5. Approved Map by the concerned authority
  6. State Board Affiliation
  7. EPF & ESIC Permission and registration
  8. CBSE Affiliation
    • No Objection Certificate from the State Government
    • Affidavit of Non-Proprietary Character of Society
    • Fire Safety Certificate
    • Health and Sanitation Certificate
    • Building Safety Certificate
    • Police Verification Report – All School Staff including Class IV Staff
    • Safety Audit Report from Local Police Department

The above are the list of documents required to start a school in India.

Abhiney Singh

Abhiney Singh

I run a school called Brighton International School ( I am also now a partner with a School consulting company which helps budding educators or investors start school or gain access to help related to school. The help could be in the form of Turnkey School Consultation, Detailed Project report, Project Finance, Business Plan consulting, Recruitment planning, Infrastructure consultation, Affiliation Consultation, Teacher’s Training, Academic and Curriculum Planning. I now have a decade of work experience. I strongly believe in improving every day and I have tremendous respect for people who pursue their dreams with undying passion and enthusiasm. I have worked in Mumbai for about 6 years as a Marketing-Media professional which has helped me in shaping what I am today. I am Chemical Engineer with an MBA in Marketing. You can know more about me at You can mail me on or call me on +91 70002 40006. This number is also on whatsapp.

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  • August 26, 2019 at 12:02 am

    will investing in starting a school for children in south india be enough to get me full indian residency and permission to work in india


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