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Common Deficiency after IC – CBSE Affiliation

Post submission of the documents for CBSE affiliation School check their status online, this is the message which appear when the school searches for their status;

Online Application and fee for the registration Number SL-XXXX-YYYY Has been provisionally accepted Subject to scrutiny of the same and uploaded mandatory document as Affiliation Bye-Laws of CBSE.

Don’t bother, this message acknowledges CBSE have received the money and documents you have uploaded. They will go through them and will update you on the inspection dates. But sometimes the status of the application reads “deficiency”


This shows that there were errors in filling up the information while applying in June. The CBSE then asks School to submit the compliance and only post that a committee for inspection is formed. The inspection happens typically around the end of the year or early next year.

Post inspection which is carried out by Two experienced Principals of a CBSE School, it is very common for Inspection Committee to find Deficiency or Deficiencies after the inspection of the School as per the CBSE norms for affiliation; the status in those cases reads as

Deficiency after IC

This basically means that the school has been found deficient in certain areas and the inspection committee has reported the same to the Board. Don’t panic the school will get a letter within 7 days regarding this deficiency. The letter could either be a physical letter that will be posted to the school or will be put up online. So a school will receive the information either way. A lot of school face deficiency during and after their formal inspection. Here is a list of deficiency which I have come across and some if the school can read it before hand, they will be able to prepare better and avoiding these issues;

  1. Affidavit Related – Submitted NPC affidavit is improper as it does not mention anywhere for Non Proprietary Character of Society hence the school is required to resubmit an affidavit stating that the “Society or Trust is of Non Proprietary Character” in nature and mentioning name of Society in affidavit
  2. Land certificate Related – Submitted land certificate for land area of XXXX Sq Mt stated that land is leased to Society by registered lease deed dated XX/XX/XXXX. However School has submitted copy of notarized lease deed dated YY/YY/YYYY on which School is required to submit copy of registered lease deed as stated in the given Land Certificate.
  3. Staff Related – X number of  PRT / Z number of TGT s are untrained, the school is required to appoint X PRT & Z TGT trained and qualified teacher as per affiliation bye-laws and submit complete staff list with details like Name¨ Qualification¨ Designation¨ Date of Appointment¨ Date of Confirmation etc ———– The school is required to appoint more teaching staff (PRTs and TGTs) besides the existing staff to meet the required section teacher ratio 1:1.5 teachers per section, as per present strength.
  4. Salary Related The School is required to pay salary and allowances to staff teachers at par with State or Central Government pay scale and submit documentary proof issued or certified by the competent Government authority that the school is paying salary and allowances to its staff at par with the Central or State Government employees. ——– Since, the school is paying salary to staff through single cheque transfer advice, however, as such, the school is required to pay salary through ECS mode. Therefore the school is required to implement salary payment through ECS and submit proof in form of certificate from Bank certifying that the salary to the staff is being paid through ECS.
  5. Building Safety Certificate Related – Submitted Building safety certificate issued by Private agency. The School is required to submit Building safety certificate issued by Govt. authority.
  6. Enrolment Related – Enrolment in class I to VIII is low. The School is required to strive to increase enrolment (between 20 and 40) in these classes and submit revised enrolment.
  7. Balance Sheet Related – Submitted Balance sheet is under Society’s name. The School is required to maintain separate bank account under School name and submit balance sheet for School account.
  8. Special Educator Related – The school is required to appoint Special Educator as per rule 13(11) of Affiliation Byelaws of the Board and as mentioned in Board’s circular dated 25.06.2015.
  9. Boundary Wall Related – The school is required to construct pucca boundary wall on one side to separate it from state board running school by same trust as per I/R recommendation and submit boundary wall completion certificate along with video graphic/photographic evidence.  —————— As per CD view, it is observed that there is wired fencing boundary wall all around the school campus. The school is required to build the pucca concrete boundary wall as per Board’s circular dated 19.12.2014 and submit boundary wall completion certificate along with videographic evidence.
  10. Computer Lab Related – As per inspection committee report, the size of computer laboratory is not appropriate as per Affiliation Bye-laws. Hence the school is required to develop Computer Lab. appropriately as per Affiliation Bye-laws and also procure more computers to maintain the ratio computer: students ratio i.e. 1:20 as per Affiliation Bye-laws with proper Broadband connection.
  11. Service Book Related – As reported by IC, Service book and personal file of teaching staff are not maintained.
  12. EPF Challan Related – The school is required to submit EPF challan (in school name) of latest month towards contribution of Provident fund of staff along with bank receipt. —— The school is required to implement EPF Scheme as per norms and submit a documentary proof regarding implementation and regular deduction of EPF is required to be submitted along with latest Pay Bill and Bank Challan.
  13. Pedagogy Related – As reported by IC, the class room teaching is not upto the mark and faculty have not updated with CBSE Pattern
  14. Library or Lab Related –  Library is undersized. Therefore, the school is required to shift the same in a bigger room & intimate the size (L X W (Ft.)).
  15. Language Related – NOC/Recognition letter submitted by the school is in vernacular, hence, school name and address could not be read.  School has also not produced evidence to the effect that the school had intimated to the concerned Education department of the state about the application made to CBSE for seeking affiliation.——> At times the State Government releases or gives the necessary documents like Affiliation, NOC or other required documents in the official state language like Tamil, Kanada, Malyalam, Marathi etc. Make sure the schools gets TRUE TRANSLATION from the Government department done. 
  16. Trivial Issues – Schools have received deficiency with CBSE Affiliation also when there has been an error with Data Mismatch (it especially happens while doing the Land Certificate), Pin Code (Yes, Pin code) mismatch between what government document mentions and what the school has mentioned, absence of CBSE Manuals and related information,  The school is required to make probation period of staff as one year etc

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8 thoughts on “Common Deficiency after IC – CBSE Affiliation”

      1. Good morning sir,
        After inspection completion and all so deficiency completion board now telling your school is not under switch over category you are under fresh affiliation. (online upload wrong) Board asking now reason is it possible after submitting declaration board sanction affiliation in our school sir

    1. Hi

      Did you get any further with this please? My application is showing the same status from date Compliance After IC Under Process dated 28-02-2020. The inspection happened in November 2019 > Deficiency letter came in Feb 2020 and response sent in Feb as well.

      It has been nearly 6 months since the status is not updated on the website on my application
      and registration process of the new session has also started.


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