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Education related policies and the their Implementation hurdle in India.

I have been participating in a research as a respondent, this entry is a part of my reply to the question,
What are certain policies prevailing in India right now, which seem very well and full of noble intention on paper, but are proving to be very difficult to implement at the ground level. 
1. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is a brilliant concept and in some way revolutionary which CBSE has brought in to address the way we wish out evaluation methodology at school level. I truly believe if adopted in its entirety, CCE has the power to vitalise our aims and goals of education in its pure sense. Though there are certain areas, esp. in co-scholastic areas, which are very vague and bookish. I hope the board would address those issues.
             Also, I would like to add, CBSE should tighten the noose around the Teacher’s training part and create incentives structures for schools. Right now, in high attrition scenario this looks like a liability to the school management. If this can be insured, CCE can find its wings.
2.  Policies and Implementation
a) RTE – Great idea, supreme potential but the way the implementation is going on, it is appalling to say the least. Education Dept. still owes us the dues for the academic Session 2011-12. We were the very first institute in Raipur to adopt this rule whole heartedly.
b) Promoting students irrespective of results
We have just encountered a peculiar situation where parent wants his ward to repeat a certain class and so does the Principal and teachers, but because he comes under RTE he has to be promoted. Otherwise, govt will not pay his due. There are several incidents like this. I can understand where govt is coming from, when they want to ensure non-stop promotion, they are trying to curb the exploitation happening in some schools. I still believe, by doing this we are doing more bad then less good. I feel these decisions should be best left to parents and teachers to decide. Though creation of local body to check on the exploitation would be advisable.
c) Position of Local bureaucracy
I don’t know about Metros or about other states, but we tend to face very peculiar situations due to the interference of District Education Office and the state ministry. Now for example, we have been told to maintain different heads and separate bank accounts for  everything we do and collect the fee for. This sounds fair, but falls flat when it come to implementation. Stretching this example, suppose I take some Rs ‘x’ under computer fee, in case some issue arises and if that fee multiplied by n X (computer fee) fund doesn’t suffice, what am I supposed to do. There are lot of absurd requirements they ask us to fulfill from time to time.
d) How do schools ensure discipline
To maintain discipline in the school, there has to be some fear and respect for authority. Increasingly teachers find it difficult to maintain discipline in the class. I completely agree with the notion about ‘Zero tolerance to man handling’, but still there has to be some way in which things can be managed better.
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