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"How can schools build a new India? What do they need to do for this?"

How can Schools build New India.
I am not much of a writer/thinker/philosopher  to write on a topic like this, but as I would like to read it —– in bullet points.
1. Build/Repair/Bolster the chain of communication with the Education Ministry – Today as Chair person, member of the board of directors, Principals we get to face several issues regarding education policies at the national and local level. Some of them are to do with political governance and some to do with bureaucracy. Most of the times, we find ourselves opposing the regulations or finding ways around it. It’s not that all of them are wrong, sadly the vice-versa is also not true. If a body can come up to represent share holders in the education sector from pan-India, it can do a world of wonders to policies related to education and its implementation.
2. Schools should create platforms to interact with each other
 I have been spending a lot of time on the web looking to gather knowledge regarding lesson plans and teaching methodologies. Sadly, all I get to read is web portals and blogs mostly belonging to the west. I hope all schools come together and create a social sharing platform where one can learn and share information at the same time. I guess in all of this various education boards can play a major role in bringing these schools together. When I say platform it transcends into digital as well as physical space.
3. Lure young and talented into School and higher education
I go through a large number of CVs mostly which come at the beginning  and some during the academic session. What you get is people taking up teaching as the last resort, some of the quality you face is very mediocre to say the least. The reasons if one can’t see out there in the open. Low salaries have created good talent looking in other directions. Somehow, as society, as governments or as partners in education we all need to find a way to lure them in this sector. Privatisation of education could be one possible way inviting corporates to be a part of this initiative. Though this step is fraught with dangers and need sane minds to think this through.
4. Looking inwards – using the old technique of SMART in our schools
What I am trying to convey is very operation in nature. Taking a leaf out of the working of private corporate, each one of us who is a shareholder in education should look to create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely goals for our teachers. Same should be communicated back to parents, thus making a very transparent process of dissemination of education.
5. Getting a grip on ever evolving pedagogy 
When I say or write the above, I mean the following
– Infusion of the technology in teaching.
– Making parents an equal partner by making them understand the way of modern teaching methods.
– Cultural conditioning of students – how to be different is not bad, how to be smart (quick thinker) matters more  and most importantly how to be ‘what you want to be’. I can add a lot more to this though.
6. Customizing learning for every student.
I see around a lot, I meet many and every day I am amazed by the advancement of technology and the quality of books and teaching aids. What I don’t see is a window to inject all this judiciously and a way to prioritise what is important. What is good for each individual should be thought through and prioritise likewise, this I believe would transform the way our students learn and change the paradigm altogether.
Most of what is written above can be very bookish and might be of no practical value, but even if we can do 0.1 percent of  all this, we might be seeing a somewhat better future for this country. 
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