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How to Choose / identify an ideal plot of land for School in India

Choose Identify Plot for School parameters

Questions I am asked, How should I go about selecting a location in a city. Is there any framework or check points one should keep in mind while selecting a location? To be specific how can I be sure that there is a market/need for a school here in this locality. For the minimum requirement I have already written a blog, the new user can refer it here

Let us list down the relevant factors and jot them down in the order of priority,

  1. Checking the Land Use / History of Sale Deed on the plot / Local issues: This is the first step, I myself have suffered where we purchased a plot of land without giving due importance to sale deed and I was later to discover that the deed was non-transferrable due to the land was given as compensation to a freedom fighter. There could be such issues, the land could be in the industrial zone, the land could be near the airport where they wouldn’t let you build a high-rise. There could be issues with the locals, where they might have some vested interest in not letting you build a school. The land usage can’t be change, the land might be mortgaged with the bank.
  2. Identified Area / On the Highway / On the Main Road / Easy Address / Easy to locate : It is my personal opinion, hence not generalising, hence buy a plot on the main road, avoid the inside plots, have some entry mechanism form the main road. I have visited several schools, and those difficult to locate find it difficult to flourish. Also the schools buses, their route etc has to be kept in mind.
  3. The Shape of the plot / Total useable acreage / One Singular piece of land: The ideal is to find a plot with 3:2 kind of proportion between its length and breadth. CBSE puts down as the most important criteria that land should be in one singular piece. Don’t try to buy two plots away from each other to adhere to the minimum land criteria.
  4. The Level of Ground Water : Though this applied for all the plot, but schools, especially Residential school could require lot of water, make sure to get it tested.
  5. Defining Catchment Area / Proximity / Travel Distance – What kind of school you are trying to build, if its a residential school – Nature is important, if its a premium Day School – An area of 5-10 acres is required, if its a Budget Day School – Parents will not be afford to afford a high fee for bus conveyance. Also what is the kind of parent I am looking to appeal to, where do they live.
  6. Mapping the Competition – List down the competition, see if there are areas still untapped in the locality / city / town
  7. High Tension Line: Plots which are under the High Tension Electrical line are a complete No-No. It takes money to shift them if its a possibility, CBSE and other affiliation becomes a big issue. Avoid it or make sure its far off from the academic block.
  8. Tranquility / Peace: Religious establishment like Temples, Mosques etc can create a lot of noises, avoid them. Try to find a plot as far way from these places as possible. Away from liquor vends etc
  9. Quality of Soil : The quality of soil could vary from location to location in the main city, at one of Brighton’s franchise in Shahdol Madhya Pradesh, we have to dig deep foundation because the quality of the soil isn’t that great.
  10. Scope for more: In case the schools expands, would have more land which can be acquired? The more the better.

I believe the above parameters should definitely help in identifying a plot for your school. I wish you happy land hunting.

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