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How to start a Franchise of Brighton International School in your Town

Why should you invest in Brighton International School as the early investor? 

  • To be a part of an IP/Consulting Company. (SPV) who has all the IP for Brighton International School.
  • To Setup 6 Model Schools under the same name in Tier 1(Outskirts), Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns of India (Preferably in different States) with the ownership lying with the school owner but with the common BRIGHTON – The School name. These promoters do not pay anything to IP Company lifelong.
  • Start 6 schools with the common pool of 60~70 crores in the areas where new generation schools are in demand ex. Ranaghat, Gandhidham, Angul, Kakinada, Ropar, Nellore, Tirupur, Sriperambudur, Gorakhpur etc.
  • The first of Brighton International School has already started off at Raipur (CG) which is running successfully with 1000+ students in a period of 6 years
  • These 6 promoters own their stake in the Infra/Section 8 Company and a consulting company will own a part stake in this company.
  • The company to be an absolute corporate and would run on corporate governance model.
  • The first 6 Model schools will have to pay a School Consultation Fee of Rs 10 Lakhs per year to the consulting compnay
  • Model Schools will pay only cost to IP Company for school management and Infra company schools will pay a nominal management fee.
  • After the 6 Schools are built by individual promoter, the 7th School will have to pay a LICENCE FEE and a LIFE LONG ROYALTY to the IP Company, which will than get apportioned as per the agreement.
  • The incoming revenue IP Copany will be distributed in the following way
    • 10% – 1st School to sign up – Already in Raipur
    • 9% – 2nd School to sign up
    • 8% – 3rd School to sign up
    • 7% – 4th School to sign up
    • 6% – 5th School to sign up
    • 5% – 6th School to sign up
    • 55% -Consulting Company

Signup for Brighton’s Franchise

The Brighton Story – There is Always Room at the Top

Brighton is derived from two words Bright and Nation; amalgamation of these two reflects the vision behind Brighton. The school started with its humble beginning in 2010 in Raipur and due its modern pedagogy, systematic lesson planning, thought trough curriculum and procedures, Brighton International School is today one a known names in the country. Other than its state of the art infrastructure, school has made a mark through its modern approach and outlook. Brighton finds its origin when I was closely observing the children’s space as the programming director for an upcoming TV channel, and realised so much can be done in this space for creating the cities of tomorrow. Brighton International School is a school with its roots in the wisdom of past, imbibing education with technology of tomorrow still meeting the educational needs of today was the need of the hour. Brighton aims to be that place of learning, with its concerns firmly grounded in the interest of its students / parents and goodwill of its teachers. The DNA of Brighton is an idea under work in progress, which believes in improving every day of its life.

What Sets Brighton Apart

Managing Director’s Message

Education is the most important aspect of a human’s life, especially school is the place where the true DNA of the person’s personality takes shape. Parent shares this huge responsibility of educating their child with the school, it is school’s fundamental duty to do justice to the trust, time and the money provided by the parent. At Brighton we try everyday to include the best practices from around the world and also strive to make this place improve every day. We believe in making Brighton an extremely open, frank and student centric environment by taking due care of each and every child. I hope we continue doing things differently and make or students and parents proud of their school.

Build a School – Brighton International School, an idea whose time has come

The Business of Education today needs a lot of teaching to get into. Not only should one be Visionary but also an immaculate planner and meticulous executioner.School as an establishment is a very capital-intensive investment; the break even can take as long as 8 – 10 years. Once established well in the initial years, the institution can create value beyond imagination where a promoter can earn a name socially and financially. Brighton International School with its expertise in academics and sound knowledge of how an educational institution should operate can do wonders to a new Greenfield project.

Brighton International School shall help you provide the Curriculum, the Brand, Marketing Support, School Operating Procedures and complete handholding consultancy to run the school from inception, admission to affiliation.

The Brighton Way

Brighton’s inherent strength lies in its Curriculum, which is completely ingrained in the modern pedagogy and a perfect balance of Academics to Activity.

Brighton International School proprietary evaluation method TAB (Track at Brighton) and SKED (the year long curricular and co-curricular calendar) has made a definitive mark in a very short duration of time. Each and every Lesson plan is well though through and is aligned to the basic requirement of the subject and the topic thus doing complete justice. This is what Brighton International School, the brand will be known for in times to come. More can be found out from

The Brighton Deliverables & Pre condition to start a Brighton’s Franchise

Minimum Requirement – For a Nursery – Class XII School

Brighton International School brand will always aim to affiliate itself to CBSE, ICSE or IB Board. The CBSE board is most preferable and is suggested to partner schools. Below given land requirements are adequate for CBSE and also help schools to put together a suitable infrastructure.

In metropolitan cities with a population exceeding 25 Lakhs, the land should not be less than 1 acre with adequate building and there must be an arrangement with other institution/organization for imparting physical & health education and conducting games in their grounds.

The minimum land area required for the schools in NCR, Delhi is 4000 sq. mts.

In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the eligibility in hilly areas.

In all other places, the school must possess at least about two acres of land and a building constructed on a part of the land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land. In case of lease, it will be acceptable only if it is for a minimum of 30 years and in favour of the Society/School by registered deed.

Land Area for Residential School

The school must possess about 10 acres of land. This type of school will have the CBSE system and may/may not offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) system.

Apart from the land, you need to invest on the construction, the cost of which may be from Rs 600 per sqft onwards (Including furniture and interiors), depending on the fee that is being targeted in your school. You should also be able to secure bank funding for a majority of this Fee structure, fee billing forms and procedures. amount. Banks may also give a one-year moratorium, which will help you settle down the school. Within a year, you will be able to reach a stage where you can start paying the bank installments, from the money you get from fee collection. Hence, to start a school, you need the required land and some working capital too.

The Brighton International School Support

Brighton International School will provide a robust support to Partner Schools and will help them Evaluate the idea, Execute the Project and Manage the School for the first Two years of operation in lieu of a managing fee of Rs 10 (Eight) Lacs +  Tax per year.

Part I – Evaluating the Idea of Brighton 

Feasibility Study (Location Specific)

a) Technical viability at the proposed location

Study the Education climate.

Identify the Infrastructure preferences.

Analyze the Competition.

Comparative statement of schools in the desired area with respect to Area, Board, Student Strength, Infrastructure, Other facilities, Fee charged & more for all standards

b) Economic Viability at the proposed location

Study the perception of parents towards school education.

Create potential database for market penetration and strategic planning.

Identify the Pricing structure preferred by the parents.

Provide a tentative estimation of non-academic staff.

Analyze the student strength /class for 10 years.

c) Operational Viability at the proposed location.

Find out the Preferences in education in various locations.

Identify the Decision making factors.

Provide a tentative estimation on no. of sections/class over a period of 10yrs.

Estimation of area statement for the proposed strength which will include the calculation of   academic area, administrative area, circulation area, area for sports and games, activities and various other amenities like common rooms, wash rooms etc.

Transport Planning and provisioning & route planning guidelines.


d) Cost Benefit Analysis of the project

Study the Product/ preference analysis w. r. t. quality, courses, faculty, services, accreditations, fees structure.

An estimation of academic manpower in comparison with student strength taking into consideration the affiliating board rules.

Note on position of senior leadership team, number of full-time teaching staff, number of part-time teaching staff and number of learning support staff for School Strength.

Complete salary structure & recommended hike/year.

Complete Student fee structure with hike for 10 years.

Plausible estimate of income & expenses for 10 year.

Recommendations and concept note that with the proposed USP’s of the school, which will be the key differentiators from the competitors.

e) Strategic Guidelines with timelines for:


Soft Furnishing

Equipment Installation,

Academic and Non Academic Manpower Recruitment.

Admission Process,

Documentation Process and

Lead Time for various Purchases.

Uniform Requirements and Suggestions.

f) Architectural Concept & Assistance

Classroom Setup                    Designing of Activity Area

Playground design                             Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory                        Biology Laboratory

Composite Science Laboratory        Computer laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory                    Language Lab

Robotics Laboratory                          Music Studio

Any other technical information on school design (with reference to the affiliating board).

Effective Planning for Smart Class, camera, PA system & Learning Management System (LMS).

 g) Information on Affiliation Process & Timelines.

Online Form Filling Guidelines.

Deficiency Handling.

Obtaining of NOC from State Board and its Directives.

Various CBSE / ICSE / IB Regulation details.

Guidance on the report to be filled by the Inspectors.

Norms and protocols of CBSE / ICSE / IB inspection.

Management of teachers and classes for CBSE/ ICSE/ IB Inspection.

Management of Teachers Salary for Inspection.

Compliance of Deficiencies after Inspection.

h) Concept Note

A Conceptual note on the academic classes to begin with and to be added in the future with timelines and growth pattern.

 i) Modus operandi or deal structure

Understanding of the RTE (Right to Education) Act 2009 and its implication on school.

j) Vision Document on Academic Model

CBSE Requirements on Academic Delivery

Academic Plan and Timetable as per CBSE and CCE requirements.

Inclusion of Co-Scholastic Activities and its Management.

Note on Management of Activities like Value Education, Stress, Health & wellness, work education, gender sensitivity.

k) Hard copy of various formats and statutory registers required for school setup

Admission Register

Attendance Register

Various library formats

Fee card

Report card

Teachers log book

Yearly planner format.

Administrative formats for school operations.

Filing System. 

Part II – Executing Brighton International School

Academic Planning & Implementation:

Development of Academic Model

Plan of Action for implementing the Academic Model

Academic Innovations

Systems for Academic Management

Training of Support Staff

Human Resources:

Assistance in Recruitment and Selection

Training of Principal Teachers and Academic Staff (at additional cost, if training is conducted by third party)

Recruitment and Selection of Non-Teaching Staff

Job Description of Non-Teaching Staff

Training and Development of Faculty

Human Resource Manual

Staff Policy

Induction and Orientation Program

Organization Structure

Reporting and Communication Plans


Brighton International School will completely provide all readymade solutions in terms of designs and material in terms of soft copy for different paraphernalia to its partner school. Here are the details;

Media Plans; Public Relations (PR) Strategy (This Module DOES NOT include execution of press releases / media buying. The Partner School has to opt for any Creative / Design Agency to source / modify the design of Marketing Collaterals & Dossier (includes creative for Brand Identity, print media advertisement, admissions prospectus, billboard designs, Flyers and Admission Pack – the basic design, content and Concept will however will be provided by Brighton International School)

Marketing—means profiling this school the best possible way.

Make Ads for announcing the new school.

Make hoarding designs, flyers for distribution in specific areas, brochure, logos.

Start-up website to profile the school.

Marketing Communication Strategy

Positioning Strategy

Branding Strategy

Marketing Targets


Design & Implementation of Admission Process

Training of Counsellors

Student Hand Book

Parent Hand Book

Design and Conduct of any entrance / selection examination

Lead Management System

SOP for the admission process

Test paper for admission

Presentation for Parents

Design of Seminar & Workshops for Parents which partner Schools can implement with local partners

Information Technology:

Design of Network and Communication Plan

IT Systems Requirements

Suggesting IT Initiatives like Smart card, IP cameras, eLearning, and school management software etc.

Concept & content for School Website excluding graphic design and hosting.

Suggesting digital Learning Management Systems and SWOT analysis of the latest innovations in the sector.

Policy formulation:

Design of Network and Communication Plan

Admissions policy on how and when students will apply on what basis students will be selected ,

what preference, if any, will be given to siblings, the children of staff members and to students living in the immediate vicinity of the school and how will waiting lists be established and managed

Policies of Student Attendance and procedures to monitor the daily attendance/absence of students

Policies related to discipline of students attending the school that do not permit corporal punishment of students

Policies and procedures in relation to security, with specific reference to:

Students, proposed buildings and facilities, evacuation procedures, supervision, with specific reference to protocols and guidelines, to be used for students undertaking on-site and off-site activities and when using school transport codes of conduct for members of the proposed school community, with specific reference to:

Child protection procedures

Criminal record checks for adults working at the school

Rights and responsibilities of students and staff within the proposed school’s community

Management of student behaviour

Role of any student leadership system (or equivalent) in the school and the monitoring of the system (House System)

Management and reporting of serious incidents

Complaints or grievances records & redressal mechanism

Project Finance

This facility will be provided by Brighton Partner Schools on a separate agreement. The client needs to do coordinate with our sister concern and we will execute this on behalf of the client. The charges for project finance will be 1.35% of the actual debt fund sanctioned by the bank. An advance of 1 lac to be paid at the beginning which would be adjusted once from the final payment.

Strategic Advisory

Communication, with specific reference to formal and informal mechanisms available between stakeholders

Handling of staff including the principal.

In monitoring the progress of the school.

Construction and setup

Handling issues related to school formation.


III – Ongoing School Support

Statutory Compliances, Approvals & Affiliations

Detailed understanding of the applicable statutory laws, regulations, norms and minimum standards of practice

Documentation and Preparation of Application Forms and Technical Project Report (TPR) for the purpose of affiliation (as part of application form, as required under the applicable law)

Liaison and correspond assistance with CBSE and state Government and International Board.

Preparation for inspection(s), compliance and related compliance related to affiliation by the CBSE and State Government and International Board.


Bi Annual Academic Audit

Assistance to Professional Consultants for obtaining ISO 9001:2010 certification as Client’s Representative

Initiate Implementation of Quality Assurance Models.

Quarterly report submission regarding school operations.

Monitoring of school in terms of course completion, home work, projects, assignments and performance of the teaching and non teaching staff.

Recruitment of teaching staff during the year.

Training & Assessment

Training of Principal

Training of teachers ​

Training of administrative staff in school​

Conducting in-service workshops for staff and Conducting workshops for students.

Academic Management

Homework/assignment management

Working for continually evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of the provision for which they are accountable, how they identify priorities for improvement, and how they promote a teaching/learning climate of innovation and success.

Development plan/school improvement plan

Departmental audit

Performance management records

Action plans in response to inspection/accreditation visits

Value for money comparisons

Develop an overview of the proposed school’s educational program indicating:

the scope and sequence of proposed learning/units of work in relation to the outcomes of the curriculum for each subject in each Grade/class

Determining the resources and equipment to be available for each subject

An assessment plan indicating how students’ performance in each subject is to be assessed, monitored and recorded

An overview of the proposed process for reporting student achievement.

Report card format.

Recruitment plan for complete staffing TREE

Identifying the training needs & professional development of staff

Regular monitoring of Academic progress, Assessment of children’s learning

Monitoring school performance and oversight of Annual strategic goals and evaluation/assessment process

The Brighton Properties

Brighton International School has devloped a series of initiatives beyond classrooms coaching to make itself one with the real essence of modern education. The partner school will have acess to the following from the first day

Brighton’s Mindspark – The Inter- School annual literay & arts competition

Brighton SKED – The Brighton’s Curriculum

Brighton Sparkles – Brighton’s Annual Function

Brighton Rays – Brighton’s Students’ Tri-Monthly News Letter

Brighton Blaze – Best Teacher Award

Brighton Shine – Best Case Study Award

Brighton Dialogues – The Parenting Monthly Newletter to parents

Brighton Connect – The weekly watsapp broadcasting service to Parents

The 4 House Concept – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta

Track at Brighton – The much aclaimed TAB to shape a students all round personality

Comprehensive Lesson Plans and documented Pedagogy

Brighton’s themeatic learning ideas and activities

Signup for Brighton’s Franchise

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  1. Hi Abhiney, i have been following your blog for some information as i am an aspirant who wants to indulge into the education sector and open an institute ow good repute in the state of Haryana . If it is fine with you, i was curious to know about the present strength of your school in Raipur ?

    1. Dear Abhilasha,
      This year 2018-19 we will be 1250 and we don’t have many seats vacant. Brighton International School has done very well in raipur and without any advertising we have baan able to do admissions through referrals. We now are looking for partners to expand across India. One of our new project is coming up in Chattisgarh. As a brand we have made giant strides and through a partner network we are completely geared up to support our franchisees. Do write to us at

    2. I leave in Bombay. chembur city pin code 400088 in small land witch had cover in slum land borrowed in 1041sq yard with assets under management and I want to build-up this project could I get finance for Franchises bussiness offices and residents at same plot somebody interested

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