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Lesson Plans for Science – Junior Classes

Through this blog, I intend to create a resource pool for teachers and educators. I believe one big step towards  learning will be to share what we already know. Taking this thought forward, I am sharing some lesson plans which can be used by teachers in junior classes. Hope teachers will find this useful. I am using the name of my school here (to at least give credit to those teachers who have helped us in designing the same)

Chapter – My Body

Before the start of the lesson

Objective: To discover the Usage/Utility of the body parts


Items required: Chocolates


Activity: Teacher will hide chocolates in few corners. Post this the class will be divided into 2-3 teams.

Each of the team one by one will find 2 chocolates based on the clue given by the teacher. (Clue: regarding direction and furniture where the chocolates are hidden, teachers can also create riddles etc)

Once they discover, they can consume those chocolate.

Once they are done, the group needs to discuss the entire process of the activity and various body parts they have used to finish the entire task.


(For Example: Eyes to search, Mind to think, Legs to walk, Hand to pick etc)

Chapter – Inside My Body / Senses
Before the start of the lesson


Objective: To observe and understand various physiological changes in the human body
Activity: Students will be asked to take a fast run / sprint of 3-5 mins. After the exercise teacher will bring them together in the classroom and will ask them to observe their physical and Mental state.
Teacher will ask the students:
Observe your breath
Count heartbeats
Are you feeling sweaty / Thirsty/ Tired etc
Post gathering answers the phenomenon would be explained.
Objective: To understand the 5 Senses and sensory organs attached to it.
Items Required:
2 Envelops one filled with Sugar & other with Salt
2 Envelops one filled with perfumed cotton & other filled with Onion or Garlic
Sand Paper & Drawing Sheet / Soft Cloth
Mirrors and some utensil like (can be procured from School Canteen) like Big bowl, Steel plate, Bucket etc
Tongue / Taste: Make kids taste one pinch from both the envelops consisting of sugar and salt and express their feelings
Nose/Smell: Let students smell the envelops filled with Perfume and Onion or Garlic and express their feelings
Skin/Touch: Students should use apply both the items on their skin and express their reaction
Eyes/Sight: Students should observe their reflection/image in the mirror, steel utensils and bucket full of water and observe the clarity of their image

Ears/Sound: Some students will go out of the class and some would stay back the set of students outside will shout “KNOCK-KNOCK”, the set of students inside the class will guess the speaker.

Chapter Food
Objective: To prove food contains Energy
After the chapter
The Potato Experiment
Items required: Potato, Thin Copper wires,  Small Torch bulb, Copper Nails
Procedure:  Join two ends of a sliced potato with copper wire and bring them to touch the torch bulb. This will help students to learn the concept of energy in food
Table Manners:

While teaching How to Eat in the last section, teacher needs to educate students about the Table Manners. Mannerisms like, Keeping your mouth closed while eating, Controlling the sound level of your mouth while chewing, Clearing your plate etc should be discussed.

Chapter – Clothes
Objective: Understand the importance of Clothes and esp. Uniforms
Before the start of the chapter.


The chapter will start with a DUMB CHARADE activity. Teacher will act out certain characters for students to guess. These will be characters primarily characterized by the uniform they wear. For example; Police Man, Post Man, Doctor, Astronaut etc.

Create a collection of various clothes and make a catalogue for students to touch/feel & learn.

Show and AV on how cloth is manufactured

Chapter – House We Live In
Objective: Types of houses and process of construction.

This lesson should be accompanied by a visit to a nearby construction site.

Chapter – People Who Help Us
Objective: Understand the importance of various professionals involved in making our daily life easier.
After the chapter.
Other than the profession given in the text book. Teacher should create a presentation (Power Point) illustrating/highlighting  the following professionals;  Scientist,   Dancer, Weaver, Shop Keeper / Businessman,   Mobile service provider

Activity (Home Work) – Prepare a 1 minute speech on what do they want to become once they grow up.

Chapter – Place of Worship
Objective: Understand the concept of God and learn to respect all religions and places of worship.
Before the start of the chapter –
Teacher will have a very 5-7 minute informal discussion on question like;
What is God?
Where do we find God?
Who is God?
At the end teacher needs to sum this up by making children aware about all God are equal, and God means that they we should not do bad to anyone and treat everyone equal. God doesn’t stay in temples and mosques but stays in our mind telling us to respect and be good students all the time. Places like temples, mosques, churches and Gurudvara are built to remind us of that.
To lighten up at the end, Teacher will ask each student to think on ‘ONE THING’ which they would ask God to give. Like a Vardaan.

Activity (Home work) – All students will go the place of worship nearest to their house and share their experiences in the class. The discussion will revolve around the set up of that place, the colours, the building, architecture, shape of God, the role of the priest, the Prasad, the procedure to worship etc etc

Chapter – Games We Play
Objective: Importance of playing GAMES in our daily life and learn about various games and their categories.
Before the start of the chapter.
Group Work Activity Sheet – Teacher will create A4 size printouts of players playing the following sport;
Ludo or Monopoly
Lawn tennis
Each of the print out will be cut so as to create a Jigsaw puzzle on its own.
As soon as the teacher enters the class, divide the class into groups of 6-7 each. Give each of the group one puzzles and ask them to paste the pieces in correct order. Once it’s done, teacher will ask the following;
How did you feel while playing this puzzle
The picture which has come up now by pasting the pieces is that an indoor or an outdoor game?

Each of the group now needs to come up with 3-4 things about that particular sport. (in the form of a discussion)

Chapter – Means of Transport
Objective: To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various modes of transport.
Before the start of the chapter.
A discussion on sounds.
As illustrated through pictures in the chapter, students will observe each of the vehicles like Auto Rickshaw, Cycle Rickshaw, Motor Car, Aeroplane, Bus and Bullock Cart. The students will make sounds each for of these vehicles while they are in motion. Students can include sounds of motor, horns, the noise made by the driver.
Through this activity, students will learn about motorized and non-motorized vehicles.
After the chapter
Teacher will divide the class in 3 groups;
LAND Transport
WATER Transport
AIR transport
Teacher will ask each of these groups to discuss about the vehicles available in this form of transport and the advantages and disadvantages of that particular medium.

At the end of 5-7 minutes each of the group will come forward and present their views.

Chapter – Means of Communication
Objective: Understand the importance of Oral and Written Communication
Before the start of the chapter
Game Play
Teacher will select about 8 students from the class to play the game.
Half of these students will be asked to go out of the class and wait for teachers call to come inside. The remaining held inside the class will be given a sentence each which they have to communicate with the sign language. The teachers will statement like
You are a very good student
We all study at _____________ School
I love playing football in my school ground
My teacher is the best
 Let us go to the market
After assigning these statements, teacher will now call the students waiting outside for them to guess the statements.


While performing in this game, students will face the following problems;

It will take a lot of time to understand
Clarity would not be there in terms of songs
Confusion would prevail

Thus the need for faster, clear and comprehensive communication.

Chapter – Earth, Moon & Sun 
To understand why SUN looks round and other stars Non-Circular in shape.
Process of Earth’s rotation
Day and years
Shape of Moon
After the Chapter
Items Required: Globe – to represent Earth , Basketball – to represent Sun, Tennis Ball – to represent Moon.
Teacher will use various combinations to make students understand the concept of Moon’s shape by revolving the tennis ball around the globe as Moon has no light of its own. Concept of Day and Night by rotating the globe. Concept of a Year by revolving the globe around the basketball.
Chapter – Seasons
Objective: To learn about the weather occurring in various seasons
Before the start of the chapter
Activity Worksheet
A Box Calendar will be printed on A4 sheet and will be distributed amongst students
Students will colour the boxes involving Summer season with Orange, Winter with Green, Rainy Season with Blue, Autumn with Brown and Spring with Yellow.
Post this student will write about the clothes they wear on each of these seasons (inside the box), festivals they celebrate, Temperature they face. Just for fun categorise the class on the basis of birthdays based on seasons.
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