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Naming Strategy & Name Options for a New School in India

There is an ancient proverb which says, “The Beginning of the Wisdom is to call Things by their Right Names”. A lot depends on the NAME of the school, the Logo and the Colour choice in that order.

If one has to divide their are two parts of a school’s name



Part I – The First Name of the school 
This is the name of the school in usual terms. For Example

  • Brighton,
  • Lancers,
  • Bridgewell
  • Gyanjyoti

Part II – The Suffix  describing the institute 

  • International School
  • School
  • The School
  • Educational Academy
  • International Academy
  • Academy
  • The Academy
  • World School
  • World Academy
  • College
  • Vidyalaya / Vidyabhavan / Vidyamandir / Vidyavihar
  • Pathshala
  • Global
  • High
  • Public School
  • Vidya Vihar

Once you Decide on the Part I & II, you will have your name ready.

What are the characteristics of a Good Name

  1. Should be Easy to Pronounce
    • Name should be such which doesn’t have too many mispronunciations attached to it, once you finalise a name try listening to lot of people reading the name from a sheet of paper.
  2. Should be Aspirational if possible
    • Once you decide on a name ask people to express what sort of impression does the name create in their minds. Without telling them its the name of a proposed school, ask them what do you think this organisation would be doing. You can also ask the respondents to personify the name by thinking of an animal / flower / person that comes to their mind while reading or hearing the name.
  3. Should connote the desired Education Philosophy
    • The best name will be the one which can also fulfils the above boxes and is also could connote or stand for the school’s education philosophy, though a lot of it can be taken care by the by lin or the tag line which might come after the schools name.
  4. Should be Easy to abbreviate
    • What will the school called in the usual fashion just like Delhi Public School is called DPS. So the name you are trying to keep does it have an easy natural abbreviation to it.
  5. Should be easy to use other words from the name of the school 
    •  Name should be such loch can give great nouns for the bodies which are going to created within the school
      • Should lend itself to Names of Houses within the School
      • Alumnus
      • School’s Annual Properties / Events

So now the question is are their any strategy one could adopt before naming a school. So let us try to get some method to this madness;

Let us try divide the strategies into the following segments for arriving at the name of your school


  • Names which use Indian / Hindi words and which distinctly sound Indian

1.Aadhar Sheela – The Foundation2.Gyan Jyoti / Gyan Prakash / Gyan Gagan / Gyan Ganga / Gyan Sthali / Gyanodaya
3.Neev – The Foundation
4.Pratistha – Respect
5.Aarambh – The Beginning
7.Prakash Kunj – The source of light
8.Vidya Jyoti / Vidya Stahali / Vidyarthi Jyoti/ Vidya Shakti
9.Abhideep – The illuminated
10. Abhisar – To spread light
11.Shrestha – The Best
12.Honhar – Intelligent & Smart
13.Tejas – Bright
14.Meghavee – Meritorious
15.Srijan – Creative
16.Kushagra – Brilliant
17.Vidya-Rohi – Like a mountaineer
18.Abhat – Shining
19.Aayush – The one which will live long
20.Samarth – One who has Potential
21.Kalp Taru / Kalp Vriksh – The wish fulfilling Tree
22.Kalapak – One who posses skills
24.Navoditya – Newly Risen
25.Aagam – Wisdom


  • Names which gives an impression that school has foreign roots or is distinctively premium school

1.École de Appris – School of the Learned
2. La Escuela – The School in Spanish
3. Academia Mundial (Spanish) – World Academy
4. Académie mondiale (French) – World Academy
5. Étoile Brillante – Shining Star
6. Westdale Heights
7. Kingsbridge / Newbridge / Kbridge
8. Norwood Heights
9. West / East / South / North Farms
10. State High
11. Fairview
12. Bay Heights
13. Bredwell
14. Clarion High
15. Grove Hill
16. The Children’s
17. Springs
18. Shepherd’s High
20. Pinelands
21. Advent
22. Kings High / Kings Meadow / Kings
23. State Field
24. Trinity High / Trinity Star
25. Cardinal High
26. Sacred High / Sacred Heights
27. Hill Side
28. Acacia Hill / Acaia Springs
29. Ocean High
30. Bergamot – Kind of flower
31. Gladiolus – Type of flower
32. Cornerstone
33. Brighwaters
34. Jubilee Grand
35. Dixons
36. Wisdom Wood
37. Great Lands High / Brook Lands
38. Cedar – Type of tree
39. Banyan Grove
40. Sparklers


  • Names which use local elements from place or community

1.City of Joy
2.The Land of Gandhi
3.The Rice Bowl
4. The Garden City


  • Names which use local elements from place or community

1. Ignited Minds / Illuminated Minds
2. Sage way
3. Wisdom Worth
4. The Play Way
5. Sagacity / Felicity /
6. The Erudite
7. Knowledge Woods / Knowledge Bliss
8. Earnest Woods / Earnest High
9. Luminous Minds / Luminous
10. Conflate
11. Lagniappe – A special kind of gift
12. Lissome – Slender and graceful.
13. Radiant Learning / Radian Jewels
14. Mind Tree / Wisdom Tree / Sacred Tree
15. Learning Temple / Learn Hub / Learn Commune
16. Fearless Minds


  • Names which fuses or amalgam or completely creates a noun for its own benefit

1. Brainiac – Someone with Brains
2. Innovious – Innovation
3. Brainseed – Brain + Seed : Developing Minds
4. Edutation – Education + Station
5. Edu-Nation – Education + Nation
6. Funcation – Fun + Education
7. Mindopia – Mind + Encyclopedia
8. Learnaculous – Place of Learning
9. Inventist – Where inventors live
10.Expertune – Where inventors live


  • Names which Names which convey the details of promoters / idols
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    I am into teaching for 20years and I run a Montessori Teacher’s Training in Bangalore and pre-school I would l like to up grade my school so I looking for investor .

  2. We want starting a New public school in next year2018-19. (Hindi and English medium) Please give me advice for new we have started only building plans.

    1. Make sure the architecture is as per the requirement by the board you are looking to target for affiliation. Also, make sure you get all the required permissions. Rest I have written extensively on my blog, do go through it.

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