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Rejection of Application for Affiliation by the CBSE Board

A lot of schools who apply for CBSE Affiliation are faced with issues in their documents, infrastructure, people and permissions. It is highly advisable to thoroughly go through the documentation and post that apply for CBSE once everything is ready.

Despite that sadly a lot of school face REJECTIONS which creates a lot of problems for the school authorities and the students studying in that school. This blog posts highlights what can you do once your application is REJECTED.

  • Any representation against the decision of the Board on scrutiny of application and inspection report shall be submitted within ONE MONTH of communication of decision to the school.
  • Appeal against rejection duly supported with documentary evidences will have to be submitted ‘By the Post’.
  • The school whose application has been rejected will have the opportunity to appeal against such rejection to the Appellate Authority after payment of an Appeal Fee. The Appellate Authority shall consist of Chairman of the Board and two other Members as may be nominated by the Board.
  • The school whose request has been rejected by the Appellate Authority also, will be eligible to apply only AFTER Two academic years, excluding the academic year in which the application has been rejected. The fee, including the fee for Appeal, once deposited shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Application of a school rejected after considering the representation, may apply afresh with prescribed fee subject to fulfilling the norms of affiliation given in Chapter II and the application will be considered against the academic session for which it is registered.
  • Refund of the Application Fee – As per the notice dated 09.03.2016, refund of 50% of the application fee has been fixed.

In all, CBSE has not disclosed the fee on their website, it has to be sent through POST, Appellate Authority etc sounds like a lot of chaos to me. Whenever one is faced with such issue, I would advise you to go directly to Delhi and speak on-on-one with the Under Secretary and understand where have you gone wrong.

For a few Schools ho have not been able to comply with deficiency on time, CBSE is asking them to apply for ON DEMAND AFFILIATION, this is a costly affair and can cost 10 Lacs to a school.

What is ON DEMAND AFFILIATION? I have explained in a different post. Click here to read about it.

The Fee for ON Demand Affiliation as per the Notice dated 1 April 2019;

On demand affiliation CBSE

I hope no one one has to read this post as a result of their application getting rejected. Wish you the very best, let us all open very very happy schools.

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2 thoughts on “Rejection of Application for Affiliation by the CBSE Board”

  1. Hi
    I hv a land 60 cottah for education purpose, I am sub lessee of this land with the right to sub lease & let.
    Can I sub lease land again to any cbse school as me sub lessor and school sub lessee.
    Will they face any problem in cbse affiliation?

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