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School Management Committee (SMC) for a CBSE School

SMC School Management Committee

What is a School Management Committee in a CBSE School?

The affiliation Bye Laws State that “School Management Committee” means the committee managing the school”


Is it Compulsory for a school to have a School Management Committee?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary for a school to have a School Management Committee (SMC).

The Rule Says – “Subject to relevant provision in the Education Act of the State/U.T. Concerned, every affiliated school except schools run directly by the Education Department of the Government of the State/U.T. should have a scheme of management approved by the Board. It should also have a School Managing Committee as laid down under section 20(1) (2), (3) and 21.”  (Page 10 – Affiliation Bye Laws)

What are the Powers and Functions of SMC?

  1. It shall have the power to supervise the activities of the school for its smooth functioning.
  2. It will work according to the specific directions given by the Society regarding admission policy. However, admissions will be made as per merit without discretion of caste/creed/religion and region.
  3. It shall look into the welfare of the teachers and employees of the school.
  4. It shall evolve both short-term and long-term programmes for the improvement of the school.
  5. It shall have the powers for making appointment of teachers and non teaching staff.
  6. It shall exercise financial powers beyond those delegated to the Principal within the budgetary provision of the school.
  7. It shall have the power to take stock of academic programmes and progress of the school without jeopardising the academic freedom of Principal.
  8. It shall guide the Principal to maintain tone and discipline in the school.
  9. It shall ensure that the norms given in the Act of the State and by the CBSE regarding terms and conditions of service and other rules governing recognition/affiliation of the school are strictly adhered to.
  10. It should ensure that the school gets Furniture, Science equipment, Library books and other teaching aids and the requisite sports material in adequate quantity and on time.
  11. It shall exercise powers to take disciplinary action against staff.
  12. It shall have powers to sanction leave to the Head of the Institution including casual leave.
  13. It shall ensure that no financial irregularity is committed or any irregular procedure with regard to admission/examinations is adopted.
  14. It shall have the power to propose to the Society rates of tuition fees and other annual charges and also review the budget of the school presented by the Principal for forwarding the same to Society for approval.
  15. The Managing Committee will meet at least twice in an academic session.

What should be the size of SMC?

For an UNAIDED PRIVATE SCHOOL  : The SMC shall not consist of more than 21 (Twenty One Members) i.e the MAXIMUM numbers of members of a committee should be 21. Circular (Kindly read Page 5)

For any AIDED SCHOOL:  The SMC shall not consist of more than 15 (Fifteen Members) i.e the MAXIMUM numbers of members of a committee should be 15. Circular (Kindly read Page 5)

What should be the Profile of the members of SMC?

50% of the members should be women. 

S.NoNumber of MembersProfile of Members
11the Head of the school. He will be the Member Secretary of the School Managing Committee
22Two parents - 1. Father of any student
2. Mother of any student.
32Two Teachers of the school
42Two other persons (of whom one shall be women); who are or have been teachers of any other school or of any college.
52Two members to be nominated by the board. Here schools can either take consent of the two Principals from KV, Navoday Vidyalaya or need to submit the names of 5 to 6 principals of CBSE secondary schools of which 2 to 3 are from KVs or JNVs. Of these 5-6, CBSE will nominate 2 principals to represent them, on school's SMC.
6as many As per the bye laws of the society / Trust / Section -8 company running the school.
7Rest of the MembersSelection of these members depending upon the rules laid by the trust/society

Members outside of the School should be recommended by the Trust/Society running the school.

Kindly Note: No Head Master/Principal shall be appointed in the school who is related to any member of the School Managing Committee. For the purpose of this rule, the relation includes the following Brothers, Sisters, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Son-in-law and Daughter-in law.

What is the Serving Tenure / term for a School Management Committee

The term of the members of the Managing Committee shall be 3 years.

A member can be re-nominated for another term but a member cannot remain in office for more than two consecutive terms expect exofficio members and the members of the trust/Society

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102 thoughts on “School Management Committee (SMC) for a CBSE School”

  1. Hi Mr. Abhinav,
    We are affiliated with CBSE and need to reconstruct our SMC committee. According to our grant letter, we should have two members from KV or nominated by CBSE. We tried to get the consent of a few KV principals but all of them denied saying that they are not holding permanent positions. Please guide us on this.

  2. Hi, Abhiney,
    I am MA, B.Ed and vice principal of a school since 1 year, also have a teaching experince of 10 yrs to classes 6-8. can I apply for the principal post for private CBSE school.


  3. Hi Abhiney singh

    If Chairman of the society have all the qualifications and experience for the Principal… can he hold the post of the Principal?
    Please reply me as early as possible….

    Thanks and regards
    G. Singh

    1. Dibyendu Bandyopadhyay

      In our school, the husband is the chairman of the school’s society. Can his wife become the principal of that same school?

  4. Dear Mr. Abhiney
    Usually the Extension of Provisioanl Affiliation used to be done by June but this year onwards the rules got changed. We missed getting our approval done. What is the process we must follow now. Also the penalties are being shown as high amounts. Kindly help us with the further course of action in such case.

    1. Dear Vipin,
      The good news is, even if you have missed the date, CBSE has now made it easy, transparent mechanism by paying a fine.
      Here is is
      Application between
      01-31 March – 50,000
      Late fee per month for extension of affiliation – 25,000 (The maximum fee is 1 Lac)
      So even if you are 6 maths late, the total fee is Rs 1 Lac

      All the above doesn’t include the inspection Fee, which is not mentioned. But you will incur if your name features in the list.

  5. Hello Abhinay,
    Is a retired executive engineer from Govt. department ( PSU ) having qualification equivalent to degree in Engineering & having worked for a period of three to five years in teaching after the retirement eligible for the post of Principal/ Head of school.


  6. Dear Sir . I run a school under the banner of a trust who has five memebers inclusive of my wife who is the secretary of the trust . Iam the chairman of the trust . I am looking for an affiliation to CBSE . Can me or my wife be the principal of the school or not ? and what role we can play in forming the School managing committee . Means can we be the part of school managing committeee .

  7. Can a Secretary of CBSE affiliated non-aided school run by Trust be on the same Post for 9 Years as a Secretary and also in SMC too ?

  8. Hi Mr. Abhiney

    can a husband and wife be the member of school management committee? Also whom to inform about the composition of school management committee and changes thereon.

    1. Dear Mukta,
      A husband and Wife can be members, I don’t see a problem with that. The information about the change has to be maintained internally by a school and that should open to perusal if CBSE demand it.

  9. Hi Abhiney,
    Can members of the committee (SMC) be related to each other? Like husband and wife are members of the Committee.
    Also does school is required to report its composition to any authority?

  10. Dear Mr. Abhiney,

    I need your Support on what has to be the content of the forwarding Letter for getting the approval on School Managing Committee under CBSE and to whom the letter should be addressed.


  11. Hi Abhinav,

    We are starting new School. what is the minimum requirement of a staff from Nur till grade 6. i searched but no hierarchy is mentioned… we are planning to go with the Principal, Administrator and 8 teachers and clearical staff to start with. will it suffice or do we need more staff. is there any mention in the by-laws??

    1. Dear Anjali,
      Number of Teaching Staff members is calculated by using a multiple of 1.5 multiplied by number of sections + Principal. For example if you are opening 18 Classes/ rooms / sections (2 section of each class from Nursery to Class VI) you will need —> 1.5 X 18 = 27 Teachers. This is indeed mentioned in the bye laws.

  12. Hi Abhiney !
    I am a commerce graduate and My father is the president of SMC cbse school and we already have secretary and principal in our school. As we dont have managing director in our school, so can i be MD of our school? Is there any position of MD in cbse school? If not then do let me know about the available administrative post in cbse school. We are very much confuse about it.
    Thanking you.

  13. Hi Abhiney
    I am going to start a school from April 2017. we have purchased the land and construction will start soon. If we manage to complete the required level of construction before June 2017, can i apply for affiliation before 30th June 2017?
    Secondly what is the minimum level of construction required for getting CBSE affiliation?

    1. The School has to have teachers etc before you apply for affiliation since all that information they will ask during the application time. CBSE is not only about building and land but also about Teachers and methodology etc.

      There are no norms about Minimum Construction but here the operating word is ‘ADEQUATE’ since school can vary in population in terms of students. Read the bye laws they have mentioned the space required per student.

  14. subhash kumar patni

    Hi Mr Abhinay,
    In our trust my father is secretary and I am a member. I possess all qualification for Principal and has been working as Principal. Can I continue to work as Principal.
    Also guide me who can become the secretary of the SMC.


    Please Reply

  15. Hi Mr Abhiney,
    How many training workshops for teachers have to be conducted in a year before seeking affiliation? How many workshops are mandatory?Any particular topics?

    1. The topics are already given by the board, and Empaneled Agencies are there who are authorised to conduct the workshop. Based upon your need you can either call one such agency or ask schools around you to convene such training.

  16. if a school founded by charitable trust and run by managing committe then is it is possible to trust representative/trustee nominated in smc hold the post of manager


  18. Hi Abhiney,
    Small question about the posts of the management people in SMC.
    Where do we define the following posts:
    Chairman/Managing Director/Director or any other similar post.
    Are they need to be defined in SMC only or we have some other documentation to show such posts?


      1. Hi Abhiney,
        Thanks for your reply!
        In society also, we don’t have such posts right? A society has posts like President, Secretary, Treasurer and other members.

        Where do we define these posts: Chairman/Director/MD etc.


  19. Hello Abhiney please advice on this….
    I’m the secretary of the trust. Going to apply for the CBSE affiliation.. is it allowed if I’m also the Principal of the school as per CBSE norm.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Yes you can be, no issues with that.
      Here are the Bye Laws
      – No Head Master/Principal shall be appointed in the school who is related to any member of the School Managing Committee.
      – I. Heads
      Senior Secondary Schools:
      A. (i) Masters Degree or Honours Degree of a Foreign University recognised as equivalent to the Master’s Degree of an Indian University by the U.P.S.C. or Honours Degree of such Indian Universities as may be recognized equivalent to the Master’s Degree by the U.P.S.C.
      (ii) A teaching Degree or a Diploma in Education or its equivalent. (iii) Experience as required under anyone of the following clauses:
      a) At least 3 years experience of administrative charge of a recognised College having Intermediate or higher classes.
      b) At least 5 years experience of administrative charge of a recognised High School.
      c) At least 5 years experience of teaching in a recognised college or Higher Secondary School or an equivalent teaching experience in a Teachers Training Institute.
      d) At least 8 years teaching experience in a recognised High School.
      e) At least 5 years experience including 3years educational administrative experience and 2 years teaching experience in a recognised High or Higher Secondary School or a Teachers Training Institute.
      B. Bachelor of Engineering with 5 years teaching experience in a recognised College or Hr. Sec. School (Given effect from 1.1.1977).
      C. Trained Graduate Heads of recognised High Schools who have attained the age of 45 years and possess at least 15 years teaching experience of Secondary classes in a recognised High/Higher Secondary School (including at least 5 years administrative experience as Head of a recognised High School.)
      D. Persons possessing Masters Degree with at least 15 years teaching experience in a recognised Higher Secondary School and/or a recognised college having attained the age of 45 years.
      E. Persons possessing Masters Degree in Education and having the requisite experience as provided for in anyone of the forgoing clauses A to D.
      Note: Two or more categories of experiences can be proportionately combined. 2. Secondary Schools:
      At least Master’s Degree (or its equivalent) with a teaching degree or its equivalent with 5 years experience of teaching of High or Higher Secondary/Intermediate classes.
      i) At least Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University;
      ii) B.Ed. from a recognised University/Institute; and
      iii) 8 years experience of teaching Secondary School classes (up to class X) or 12 years of teaching experience of Middle and Secondary classes of which minimum 5 years being experience of teaching the Secondary classes; or 5 years experience as Headmaster of Middle School or other equivalent administrative experience.

  20. Your Comment Here..sir
    i want to knw that i m appointed as a principal in a school but its new for me i m having experience of vice principal hve to learn about a cbse school and its function is there any problem in it

  21. Hi Abhinay,
    I have a question relating to the constitution of SMC. When it comes to the selection of member of SMC, who has the power to decide onto the selection of two parent members and also two teachers of School? Is it the Society/trust itself?

  22. Can a secretary of a society be the manager of the school, and get monthly salary from the society as full timer?
    can a society member be a principal of the school if qualification permits?

  23. Hi,

    Who can appoint members to the Society/ trust of the CBSE school? are they appointed by way of a voting procedure? if yes, who is allowed to vote?

    Many thanks for your input.

  24. Hi, Mr. Abhiney,
    Recently I am going to open a cbse school soon.
    I want to know that I am going to form a society with 3 members are same family, 2 are another family and rest 2 are from another family.Is it acceptable by the society registration office and cbse authority.

    1. This is alright Samir, you can move ahead with this configuration. Just remember while making the Non – Proprietary affidavit, the Chairman if has family members he has to declare the same in the document.

  25. Dear Sir,
    I am a member of a SMC for an non aided school being run by a company registered as per company law. Initially the school was affiliated to state board and subsequently sought provisional affiliation to CBSE with due NOC from State education officer. Our school falls under category B as per bye laws i.e.

    Please guide, which Acts/Rules shall be followed by us, the Acts/Rules prescribed by State government for non aided school or there are separate prescribed Acts/Rules for CBSC school.

    Bye laws for CBSE under definitions part xxviii describe the session period normally as April – March, whereas state govt. Rules indicates this as July to June. Choosing the start point itself becomes ambiguous.

    I will be thankful for your guidance in the matter.

  26. hi,
    as we are running school under state syllabus since from 2000-01, at present i want to apply for CBSE syllabus, what can i do please guaid me.

    1. Hello Sir, We are running a CBSE Sr. Sec. School under society. Can we shift it to trust. If yes then please tell us the procedure.

  27. Hi
    Can u guide me how to deal with parents who discourage the following of rules of the school and create issues every now and then?
    Our teachers stay far away from corporal punishment and r not rude. But parents don’t even want the teachers to insist kids to follow discipline.
    Pls help.

    1. Dear Shirin,
      Counselling is the only way to deal with such parents at the same time do not lose your temper while dealing with students and parents. Make them empathise with your administration and tell the practical aspects of what you wish to do. It’s a never ending process, you just have to be at it all the time.

  28. Can you please guide me regarding:- Trust is running educational Institution(school),Teachers and staffs are employed in school. School does not have PAN Card, So whether Trust is going to Pay Profession tax and TDS deducted from Employee? or school should apply for PAN Card, as because we cannot get enrolment and registration for P Tax without Pan Card. If P Tax is Paid by Trust Owning and maintaining such school will there be any problem for CBSE affiliation.?

  29. I just want to know that is there any check on exam schedule of the school if yes than what is the minimum time gap between exams

  30. Hi
    Abhiney I just want to know “what is the minimum Eligibilty and Experiences criteria for a newlly provosinated CBSE school.
    I just want to know this thong for knowladge .


    1. Hi Ravi,
      There are conditions and minimum criteria across parameters like Infrastructure, Staff, Furniture, Labs, Financial transactions, Operating Procedures etc. CBSE publishes an affiliation bye-laws hand book. This book contains all the information in detail and is freely available at for anyone’s perusal. That explain all these parameters in detail.

  31. Mr. Abhiney,

    Can a Trustee member be a manager of his own school as per CBSE norms & conditions. Please reply sir ASAP.
    Daniel K.

  32. Can a Trustee Member be a manager of his own School in CBSE norms & Conditions. Please reply its very urgent. Hope someone will help me out with positive feedback.

  33. Abhiney ji

    we are going to start a school in tamilnadu for the coming academic year.(Pre-KG to V std)my father is giving his 1.6 acres of land for lease for our maternal uncle will be the managing trustee,myself secretary and my brother’s wife is a treasurer.if my father and mother will be a founder trustee ,there will be any problem in getting CBSE affiliation for blood relation issue.??

    1. There will not be a problem till the time all the family combined does not have a majority voting share in the trust. for example if the trust comprises of the 9 members than the blood-line family cannot have more than 4 members. IN addition to this the affidavit will have to outline the relationship between those four from the same family.

  34. Conferring so much power to SMC is meaningless…it actually harassed the teachers n students by interfering in their functioning. All members of smc are from political background n they only look their political interest by politicise the education. Govt must scrape smc.

  35. my school has got provisional affiliation for sr. sec in 2013 and renewal of the same is due in june 2016. but till date we have not got admissions for grade 11. what is the effect of this on the affiliation which has to be renewed next year. pls suggest

  36. This year I have started a school and now we have 220 students upto viii.Can we apply for affiliation this year before 30th june

  37. Hi Abhiney,
    Have a doubt regarding members in SMC:
    According to CBSE bye-laws, upper cap for members in SMC is 21 for private un-aided school.
    1. Any idea of minimum cap?
    2. According to the table mentioned by you under the section profile of the members of SMC, its pretty clear till sno. 5. Have a doubt in 6th point:
    2.a) Can we have some members from the society also that runs the school? If Yes then is there any maximum limit on that?
    2.b) Do we need any specific profile of members to be nominated for the 6th point?

    1. Hi Amit,
      1) I think the minimum cap is 9, have a look at the bye law available on the CBSE website. I have just illustrated the information from there.
      2) Yes you can have members from he society in the SMC, in fact the last point mention it. i.e. you can make your own rules as a society/trust
      3) All up to the society

  38. Hi Mr. Abhiney,
    Info related to members profile is missing in the table. Shows [Table Not Found]
    Kindly check!


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