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Should I / Shouldn’t I start a School – My Journey

Should I start my School

The Thought Bubbles……….

What is your experience about this line of work?, Do you think I will be able to do it?, My city/ town is so and so do you think a new school will do well?, I am already doing X do you think I will be able to contribute time to a school?, Post starting the project what time can I start taking easy while running a school?, What are the challenges one faces? What if ……………….?

Since the blog has picked up I have met people personally at my office and also I do get questions over my mail. I thought this makes a good topic for a post and could possibly help others to find answers to their dilemmas.

My Journey

Brighton's Journey

As you can read from my introduction below and from my linkedin profile, I am an engineer and a communication specialist by education. Sometime around 2009-10, I decided to give up my job in Mumbai and throw my weight behind my idea of myself i.e. to work for myself. Between all the ideas I toyed around with the one which appealed most to me was starting something in education. My father has been involved with  schools and colleges since the last two decades, so we thought of starting out with the same. We started in the year 2010 and for some reason in Raipur – Chattisgarh that year somebody decided for the next few years will be years of schools. So between 2009 – 2012 a slew of schools opened up and almost 90% of them were franchise of some or the other big brand. Brighton International School has weathered it all and now is a CBSE affiliated with a strength in thousand and has been able to sustain its expenses and operations. We decided to locate ourselves bang in the middle of a bevy of already existing schools. So from a modest beginning of 120 students, intense competition and constant comparisons, we have been to hold on to our own and have been able to carve a distinct identity for ourselves among the parents and teachers.

What did I learn?

I will keep this short in bullets

  • Keep it economical  – There is no end to facilities and amenities you can provide but figure out crisply what is adding to the cost and not adding to admissions
  • Do justice – It is easy to introduce new things as now there are specialized vendors for computer education, sports, music, E-learning etc etc. All believe it is easy for a school to cough up money per student wise. As a promoter one has to be specific to bite what one can chew and digest. For example if you are making a Maths Lab make sure it gets used to optimum.

Now coming to philosophical questions like deriving satisfaction and all, I don’t know but I like working for myself, I like improving every day, I like to share and discuss gyan and Ideas, I like to meet new people, I like improvisation, it is good to meet people when they are at their best behaviour and I can safely say all of this happens with me on a daily basis. On top of this I get to work for myself and find out time to help society in ways more than one.

I cannot answer questions like

“Do you think I will be able to do it?, My city/ town is so and so do you think a new school will do well?, I am already doing X do you think I will be able to contribute time to a school?, Post starting the project what time can I start taking easy while running a school?, What are the challenges one faces? What if ……………….?”

What I believe is you work with sane logic, be reasonable, think about your customer, value the reason why people come to you, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I am not declaring or owning that my school is best but all I can claim is it is an idea always willing to improve, learn and get inspired. Exactly the quality we want our students to pick up.

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11 thoughts on “Should I / Shouldn’t I start a School – My Journey”

  1. I want to know is there any loan facility through banks available for starting a school project of estimated cost of 4-5 Crore. I want to start a school in Chhattisgarh.

    1. Dear Saumya,Nationalised banks can offer you loans for School, speaking to Private banks more often than not is a waste of time for New Projects.
      We are based out of Raipur Chattisgarh, as a consultation outfit we have managed to arranged Project Finance for Several School projects. We have ready 10 year Business Plan prepared for schools and is extremely easy for us to manage your documents if services are solicited. Give me a call on my number 70002 40006 if you are looking for a CA, school consultants and Project Finance. We do it all.

  2. What is the project cost of 2 Acres of land and building, what is break even, can you provide me the project cost for CBSE School to start in DURG-BHILAI-RAJNANDGAON, preferably in Chhattisgarh.

    1. Dear Naimuddin, The cost of land will differ from location to location. My assumption is in the place you are talking a decently located land would cost about 60 lacs to 1 cr an acre easily. You multiply Rs 1500 with the amount of building you want to construct to get the Civil Constriction cost, post that working capital around 1.5 cr is required. What I am suggesting is not reside but a ballpark, once you sit down and list out the services and facilities you want to provide than possibly you can understand costs better. If you find the land somewhere and look for professional help, let me know.

  3. Dear Abhiney

    It’s good to know about you.By profession I am a teacher and want to start my own school.Can you please give me an idea about the total cost involved in building up a Cbse school in and around Kolkata?



  4. Dear Abhiney Ji,

    My Self Saurabh and i m also software engineer, i have to know about you from my friends and decide to start school in my home town.

    I have started session from Apr-2015 and now need your guidance.

    Pls suggest me which type of facility/ educations we can provied at very low cost bcoz i have started this from village.

    Pls guide.

    1. Dear Saurabh,
      Start from the Pre Primary and Primary classes. Try creating a curriculum for your school for the entire academic year. Work on the lesson plans for each and every subject with the right mix of concept building and academic rigour. The complete pedagogy should be such that it should speak for your vision of a model school.


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